Staff Shout-Outs 2021

During this crisis, our staff are going above and beyond to serve our patients and the community. Below are some shout-outs submitted by fellow staff to recognize the incredible work of their-peers and colleagues! Submit a shout -out by clicking on the button below!
Want to thank Yegiyan Elina with the San Francisco SHERIFF DEPARTMENT at general hospital for her dedication in her service with the  low Enforcement and her extreme hard work.  She is always so helpful, kind to staff and patient at any given hour,  Such a team player. You are  TRULY ONE OF A KIND. Your dedication is truly appreciate. Thank you so much  for your service.
Year after year, unfailingly, WYNNE BAMBERG advises us, updates us, informs us and is THERE FOR US. Huge, loud, vociferous shoutout to her!  Without her we would know very little about ZFGH!  And less about the city and the world!  She is unique I. My 42 years of doing medicine at the hospital. KUDOS! - Nora Goldschlager

I must shout out Monaliza Castillo. Mona and I cared for a patient overnight who was very sick. As the resident on overnight, I was very lost on what to do next as help arrived for this very sick patient. Mona knew exactly what to do to help stabilize this critically ill patient and talked all of us through it. I am immensely grateful for her leadership, clinical expertise and kindness in that situation. I know that because of her and the rest of the 32/38 nursing staff and RT staff we were able to stabilize this patient who was unfortunately passing until the family arrived. It is a privilege to get to work with you.-Justin Bullock
Shout out from the RFPC team to our colleagues in Occupational Health and Infection Control - Thank you for your daily effort and great work to keep all staff and patients safe and healthy! - RFPC/1M

Shout-out to the AMAZING UM STAFF who work hard behind the scenes, advocating for our patients and facilitating patient flow!!!
Shout out to our amazing substance use navigators:  Shayla Goldlist, Mitch Aman, D'arius Hambrick, Laurel Puffert and Rachel Perera! Doing Amazing work with Project HOUDINI and Addiction Care Team in ED and inpatient units!-Alexandra Haas

Shout out to H42/44 nurses for all your hard work and dedication!!!
We here at the urgent care would like to send a BIG huge kudos to Sergio Flores MD, ortho, for his outstanding attitude, professionalism, and eager helpfulness. I speak for everyone here when I say that we appreciate you so very much, please don't ever change! You are one of the kindest physicians many of us have ever encountered. - Brandy Blau NP-C
Shout out to Kevin Guan one of the awesome convergent technologies team members. He went above and beyond to help! Always easy to work with. Thank you. -Kai
I want to acknowledge Erica the clerk for H54 for always going above and beyond!

Zehna Gilliam social worker in the ED. Thank for being an incredible social worker and your dedication to our patients. You go above and beyond. Thank you! 
Big shoutout to Kristen Strait and Jnell Gray. They have been such a great addition to the PACU, bringing a lot of positive energy and hard work.

A big shout-out to the dedicated UM staff who work quietly behind the scenes, advocating for patients and facilitating patient flow.  Great job!!! 
Thank you ED Patient Access Eligibility Team for your extraordinary contributions and efforts during the pandemic, and above all, for your ongoing commitment to ZSFG!! - Diane Wu
I work at LHH. I want to recognize the wonderful, hard working gardeners. The grounds here are beautiful, varied, and amazing. The gardens are a source of peace and calm as I enter and exit the buildings. During these very stressful times, it's a such a pleasure. The dedication and creativity provides such beauty. Thank you so much! 
I want to thank Katie Merriman for going above and beyond to provide service recovery to one of our patients. 
Merjo Roca, Nurse Manager and Brent Lee, RN for running a phenomenal COVID Vaccine clinic! The patient flow and the organization of having thousands of patients pass through is exemplary of fine leadership.
Thank you to the Wellness Team (Khadijah, Eileen, Josephine), Spiritual Care Team (Claire & Monica) and Care Experience Team (Nykole & Dominique) for creating the 31 day mental health challenge for ZSFG.  We have all been through so much this year and carry a lot with us daily.  Thank you!
-Aiyana Johnson 
Big shout out to Lucy Palma. Thank you for everything you do for our department! We would be lost without you! 
-The Ultrasound Crew!!
Ray Mark of our respiratory department. He did such an excellent job, caring for one of my patients in respiratory distress. He was so patient and spent half of his shift stopping by and checking up on this patient, and I really really from the bottom of my heart wish to thank him for the job well done. 
Shout out to FNS staff for a job well keeping the pantries up to standards.
I would like to recognize all the working mothers! You are amazing!!! Thank you for all you do! Happy Mother's Day!!! 
-Maral, social worker 
To Misa, 5M Obstetrics, Midwifery, and Gynecology Clinic,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to you and your staff for the beautiful lab week card you sent us!!! It was clear that a lot of thought went into this giant-sized post card, complete with many thoughtful notes, and arriving perfectly in time for our annual lab week celebration.  Our laboratory works 24/7 to deliver the best results possible and it is good to know that people do recognize and support our efforts.  On behalf of the Clinical Lab Team,  Thank you very much for this heartwarming token of appreciation!! 
-Phong Pham
Shout out to the med surg units for keeping up the good work despite being chronically short staffed on PCAs.
Keep it up!
All the amazing night shift nurses, providers, clerk, and EVS at our Family Birth Center! It's a great family going above and beyond to help San Francisco families. You all are awesome! 
Thank you Shibin Tharayil for always being positive and treating everyone equally. 
We can't express enough the trust, respect, and gratitude we feel for James Krackow   Throughout 20 and plus years of work experience and this entire year, he has worked through long days  to guide and advocate for OTOP mobile van services. Jamie  is always commitment to ensure that our patients, staff and communities are as safe as possible and that patients at the Bayview  Mobile site and Hospital parking site clinic location receive needed services.  
-OTOP team 
Thank you ZSFGH Occupational Therapy Team for ALL U DO daily to deliver your patient care with compassion.  Happy OT month in every APRIL. Enjoy your well-deserved treats prepare by your colleagues!!!
-Secret Admirer!!!
Dr. Neda for providing excellent, compassionate, and comprehensive care to her patients and setting an example for us all to aspire to. 
Thank you Casie, Ruth and Vickey for doing all the "behind the scenes" work to ensure that the Annual Years of Service Awards continued. 
On behalf of the Dismuke family, we would like to express our extreme gratitude to the neurological team, and the entire nursing staff. Thank you for your excellent care and empathy during this time. We could not be in better hands.
-Renee, Andrew, and Christopher Dismuke
To Nelly Contreras RN who every day takes our temperature and welcome us with a big smile and a shot of  good attitude which is better that a shot of caffeine.
Thank you!!
-Gracia (Social Worker) 
Messenger Department: Darlina Jacobs, Charlotte Grimes and Analeigh Molina:
Thank you for always putting in your best effort at work. Your commitment to your job is very appreciated!

I would love to thank the entire Occupational health COVID hotline for welcoming me to their team! You  are truly the nicest group of folks I have worked with. SHOUT out to Katy, Colin, Angelica, Mike, Colleen, Marissa, Mike, Ally, Hannah, Guy, Mo, Michaela, Rochelle, Joy, Wendy, Tiffanie, Dorrit, Robin, Diane, Cata, Carrie, Ray, Will, Trish, Zaw, Mark, Stella, Jess B. 
-Gabriela Toache-Guerrero
With immense gratitude for Maria Aguirre of Interpreter Services for compassionate, caring, AND culturally-competent interpretation during all our telephone encounters. You are valued and appreciated!
-RN Endoscopy
Big shout out to all the RN's & MEA's at RFPC for holding it down during Covid and keeping the clinic together! 
I would like to thank the Messenger Department for collecting the specimens for our patients 
I would like to say what a huge help Ron Herbert from the eligibility Dept has been, consistently, for us in urology. As a nurse, I know very little about insurance but find myself having to deal with problems related to it. Ron always has answers for me and is ready to help me figure out issues, while teaching me so much. I really appreciate you Ron!
-Dawn in Urology
Philippa Doyle is a quiet hero-- with grit, hard-work, a deep well of humanity and a sense of mission she is greasing the wheels of the vaccine roll-out in an amazingly inspiring way.  She is one of my heroes!!!
I would like to recognize all the amazing SOCIAL WORKERS!!!! SFGH and all DPH clinics could not run without you!! You are ESSENTIAL!!! HAPPY SOCIAL WORK MONTH!! Thank you for all you do for patients and staff alike!!! 
A HUGE Thank You and Job Well Done to the Eligibility Staff in Bldg.5 lobby and in 4E. These staff have endured the highs and lows of patient's and these very professional staff still remain super troopers making sure patient's get their vaccines. SFGH should maybe give them a kudos for it all because they've been doing this for so long with smiles on their faces. The eligibility staff across the whole hospital have very important jobs and patient's would be in a different world had it not been for the amazing eligibility staff. YOU ROCK ELIGIBLITY STAFF!!!
A heartfelt thank you to Colin Hart and Angelica Boilard for making deployed staff feel welcome, respected and acknowledged.  
HUGE Shout out to RN Brian Schaefers for stepping and diffusing a tense situation with a patient in a way that was calm and professional. 
I would like to thank the OHS operations team, specifically Colin for redesigning the Online Screening Tool.  Thank you for making the screening process clear and easy. 
-Aiyana Johnson 
To all the amazing frontline workers administering the vaccine in 4E-your humor, efficiency, and overall amazingness is a gift. I felt blessed to receive the vaccine, and grateful to feel your bright energy. And thank you to all the behind the scenes teams that make this happen!
-Sarah V. 
All the staff all over our hospital helping with daily employee and public screening. Thank you . Your hard work is highly appreciated. 
-Bruce Sadreddin
Shout out to all the 4E clinic vaccination organizers and staff! Thank you for keeping it organized. You rock! 
I would like to recognize Julie in the Rehab Department for always working at peak performance and doing her part, even when we are short staffed or even when she is by herself. Her constant professionalism and keen acumen make the department a much more efficient and fun environment to work in. Thank you!
I would like to give a shout out to CPD. They have to deal with people from every department and patients too. They always do it with a smile. Thank you CPD you guys are rock stars.
Appreciate Aneita Panton for all her hardwork. She is a team player, always willing to help staff, always bright and smiling, and goes the extra mile with her patients. Thank you Aneita!!! We appreciate you!
-H54 staff
I want to thank  Nina Park, Helen Szeto, Donna Lee, Kristen Barash, Ryan Stevenson,  and the rest of the CRNA'S who's been working tirelessly in the Peri-op area. They always make my day easier. Always a pleasure working with them. Thank you!
Shout out to our educators Elizabeth and Monique for stepping up and helping out as break RN on 1/8/2021. It really meant a lot to our floor on that day. You both are appreciated.
-Sushila H62/64
Shout out to the 4M ENT clinic staff: Maribel, Lichi, Lisa, Marita, Connie, Erika, and Esther - you help provide our patients with the best care! Thank you so much! <3 the OHNS residents 
Our Cancer Navigation team always goes above and beyond for our clients. I would like to thank them all (Liz, Yadira, Nadia, Julie and Felicia) for putting in the extra effort while being deployed in COVID activities to assist our clients with reschedules due to COVID, provide emotional support, and for always putting our clients needs first. A HUGE SHOUTOUT TO MY TEAM! I couldn't do my job without you.
-Barbara Cicerelli
To our amazing pharmacy partners!! Josephine, Tony Chung, Julie Russell, Temi, Neil, Crystal.  Thank you for your patience, intelligence and commitment to excellent care.  Thank you for helping us to come up with a reliable, transparent, and standardized management of our COVID Vaccines and a solid reconstitution process that maximizes on preserving the integrity and safety of the vaccines.  You are all wonderful.
-Rosaly, Sandra, Merjo and Luke
I like to give a shout-out to all the outpatient nutritionists for their flexibility, hard work, and dedication working multiple roles (some of these roles have nothing to do with nutrition!) this past year and forward 2021. THANK YOU!
I received my 1st dose of Pfizer Covid Vaccine. Thank you ZSFG !!!!
Shout-out and huge thanks to our nursing leaders, Nursing Director Leslie, AOD Sam, AOD Melissa, and our Manager Ethel for managing the Covid patient transport plan and communicating well throughout the day, during this pandemic time.  Your leadership is outstanding and never goes unnoticed. You all are appreciated.  Sushila, CN on 1/8/2021  H62/64
Dominique Nash, the EW Supervisor for 6M and Southeast Health Center for being up for any challenge and keeping a positive and professional attitude. Even on her days off, she comes in to support the COVID vaccine clinic. She is the backbone to multiple clinics and an unsung hero in this pandemic, for sure!
I would like to celebrate our amazing team of sonographers here at ZSFG for your commitment and dedication to our patients. You all have spent countless hours scanning Covid patients in all parts of the hospital, putting your own health at risk and dealing with this crisis on a 24/7 basis. You are true rock stars!!!
Shout out to the Chaplains for being on call over the holidays and weekends. Such a needed service, especially in this pandemic. God bless.
My team would like to appreciate Jesse Ledesma and Dave Gonzalez from Engineering for all of their work over the past year in upgrading and fixing our gurneys.  Jesse continues to come by our unit and keep tabs on us.  We are thankful for the attention that you both have given to make our equipment better.  This service goes way beyond anything we have experienced in the past.
To Vincent Morrone for stepping up HUGELY when almost all our MAs were out sick this past week! You single-handedly got us through a very busy day - THANK YOU! <3 <3 <3
-The Entire 6M Team!
Shout out to Jennifer Chan for being the awesome nurse she is. The willingness to help others and the empathy for her patients is impeccable. Keep up the good work.
Shout out to "Keto" of EVS. He is always happy and brings great energy. He is quick, efficient and thorough. He is elemental for EVS staff at nights
Covid Unit: we see you, we love you. Thank you for your hard work. 
Thank you Eunice Woo, Raymond Santos, and the team at UCSF IT for your responsiveness and nimbleness in getting us critical IT!! It's always a pleasure working with you all and we're so grateful to have your support!-Anthony Ababon
Shout out to Operator 24 (Felicia) for going above and beyond to help a pt who had been discharged and needed help. Your care and concern for this SFGH patient inspired me and made me proud to work her. Thank you!
-Jeanne Hoffman

Occupational Health and Tiffanie assisting a ZSFGH employee that is blind schedule an appt on ZSFG campus for Covid test - eliminating his need to locate, navigate an offsite location.  This was awesome his accommodation and promoting equity to all employees!!  THANK YOU - going above and beyond is what we do best!!
-Diane Lovko-Premeau and Emmanuel Vivit

A huge shoutout to the IM residents + UCSF Med students (led by Ilana Garcia Grossman, Sarah Burbank, Irving Ling, Jess Dong, Smitha Ganeshan and Marissa Savoie + many volunteers) for helping our hospitalized patients vote on election day! They assisted 64 patients across all services with their absentee ballots. Many patients expressed huge gratitude for being able to cast their vote while in the hospital.
Shout-out to Robin Grotch at Richard Fine People's Clinic for being a trooper and light at the clinic in hard times. Thanks for always being an advocate for patients and staff and for being a team player. Thanks for the thoughtful individually wrapped holiday cookie bags and for leading the way this year.
I would like to shout out Jewell Webster porter for always being positive and very helpful when ever at work. 

I would like to recognize our amazing interpreters! Y'all's professionalism, grace under pressure and support of our patients is so appreciated and admired. Thank you for all you do!!!

Shout out to our Epic IT and Training Team. They are in constant support and upgrading mode, making care for patients possible. They attend in emergency operational calls, troubleshoot high priority items, and train our high exposure teams. The work they do is essential and deserves an applause. 

Maravic Alvaro for wonderful help  us parking through all these times.
Undersung but terrific!!!
-Nora Goldschlager

Shout out to the Emergency Department. The Frontline. From EVS, MEAs, RNs, NPs, and MDs...

You show up every day to a high-risk area prepared to give it your all. 

You have handled the unprecedented challenges in the department with a flexibility and fluidity that is uniquely your own. 

Your exemplary teamwork and professionalism continue to ensure patients in our community receive the best possible outcomes, pandemic notwithstanding. 

We appreciate you.

~ From a nurse in the trenches with you.

Wendy in Pulmonary:) 
Thank you for being so kind and cool. Appreciate you and your caring style.

Radiology staff in Building 5/25/ER
I am humbled by the continued dedication of the Radiology Tech/RN/NP/ MD team and how they have continued to rise above in caring for our in and outpatients and those coming through UCC and the ER. 
They always deal with patients respectfully and patiently, but they have the added stress of caring for those with potential and active Covid on a moments notice and their standard of care remains high.
Proud to be a member of this team.
-Nancy Omahen

Big shot out to the whole CPD department.  Your work is outstanding. Helping all of us with keeping our hospital flowing. Thank you 

We'd like to give a shout out and virtual hug of appreciation to Mary-Cecille (MC) the chaplain. She has come to visit a few of our patients overnight after being called in and has provided such a calm but strong presence for our grieving patients. She really fills a void that we as nurses often can't fill. When we see MC walk onto the unit, we instantly know that our patients are going to get the spiritual and emotional care that they need during a tough time. THANK YOU MC. We appreciate the work you do!!
-The Birth Center Night Shift Staff

I would like to recognize LeAnne Chuong, a medical assistant on Unit 5B. LeAnne has been so wonderful in teaching phlebotomy students from City College. LeAnne is a very patient, passionate, skilled, and outstanding teacher/instructor. Thank you, LeAnne. We are honored to have LeAnne on Unit 5B. - Roland Zepf, PhD, RN

Al Clatworthy, RN, did an outstanding job recognizing that a patient in the ICU had something going on that hadn't been fully figured out and quickly obtained an electrocardiogram that pointed us in a totally different direction and helped make the correct diagnosis. I was so grateful to have such an outstanding nurse taking care of several of the sickest patients on the CCU service, and I'm confident that the care for each individual was better because of her clinical acumen and expertise. Thank you! - Matt Durstenfeld
All the nurses and RT's and housekeeping and everyone on the Neuro ICU Unit.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!  Matt and Shelley (Patrick's parents).

We are grateful for the care given the by Covid ICU H32 team to my sister Suzanne.  Especially to Patrick and Dylan who I spoke with every day for updates on my sisters progress. I knew that she was in excellent care when taking to both of them.  Thank you from our entire family!

Megan, thank you for coming in on your day off and supporting break coverage for a few hours! It meant a lot to us. 
Shout out to our amazing interpreters who get us through phone calls quickly and efficiently with amazing service. You help to make our patient- staff relationship a great experience by tearing down the language barrier. - LaShara Franklin

To each each and everyone at sterile processing department, Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. - Babak Bruce Sadreddin 
Maura Darrow did a fantastic job helping to get our team in touch with a patient's family. She went above and beyond. She exemplifies the spirit of our safety net hospital!  Truly an example of our true north mission!!-Anthony DiGiorgio

Shout out to all radiology staff for putting in hard work during these hard times. Keep up the good work guys. -Jonjon
My BIG SHOUT OUT to RUBEN PANALIGAN, a new supervisor from the Eligibility ER/UC Dept, for a job well done.  I praise him with high regards how he handled things professionally when a supervisor is needed most in the floor working area.  TO YOU RUBEN PANALIGAN, my deep appreciation and you deserve the best.   
Shout-Out to all the UM staff who advocate for patients behind the scenes and work diligently to facilitate patient flow!  Thanks for all you do!
Shout out to all MEAs and EWs at FHC Ward 81 and 85. Cuddos to us all for the hard work. It's challenging when we are so understaffed and work/responsibilities keep coming, but we keep pushing!!

Go Team SPD, Thank you for your hard work. Team work and support. 
I would like to thank all the ICU unit that have been helping, tremendously with my son and all of our family. Can't thank you enough for your superb service and commitment to excellence. Staff has gone above and beyond, making this harsh process smoother. The medical team and everyone involved. Too many names to mention, but thanks again.
Pharmacy staff for hanging in there and putting in 100% even when things get hectic. You are all deeply appreciated.
Sending so much love and appreciation to TRISH in OR recovery. You are truly an Angel thank you so much for being an all around amazing person!! I pray your blessings come in ten fold
Shout out to management for ALWAYS being around when you need them!
Thanks to Dr. Vivek Jain and the entire COVID leadership team for their unflagging efforts throughout the pandemic and for celebrating the day we had no hospitalized COVID patients!
-Elena Fuentes-Afflick
We truly appreciate all your hard work and dedications. The amazing tenacity you guys displayed day in and day out truly remarkable. You demonstrated unnoticed great performances since mid last year of the pandemic. You guys are awesome!!! Adam Tai, Olivia Mon, Sunny Lanna, Susan Zheng, and Ganz Sauco Thank you all for keeping the fort in the diet office.
An enormous shout out to Fatima  Barragan for her creativity and sensitivity to our underserved and sometimes invisible population of immigrants. She designed beautiful welcome signs to post and hang throughout the Children's Health Center. Thank you so much for being an advocate!
-Deirdre McAllister
This is a Shout-out to the SFGH telephone operators we appreciate you. Thanks for all your help, going above and beyond during this pandemic.
Shout out to all the nurses on nurses week! There's a reason you're the most trusted profession in America.  We love you and we need you!  You give so abundantly to your patients.  Thank you to each of you for all the gifts you bring.
Shout out to the Pre Op and PACU staff for holding it down even though you have been chronically short staffed while at the same time having people deployed to help around the hospital. Stay on the grind!
Congratulations to the neurosurgery team for the successful renewal of the traumatic brain injury program certification! 
Shout out to Drs. Zarah Iqbal and Jennifer Menjivar-Lopez, Pediatric Chief Residents extra ordinaires, for their creative efforts to support Pediatric staff and trainees during the pandemic. They found new ways to support our team and boost our happiness!
-Elena Fuentes-Afflick
Shout out to PACU staff for doing a great job despite being chronically short staffed!! Keep up the good work! 
A huge, huge shout out to the Department of Medicine! Drs. Sumant Ranji, David Chai, the Faculty In-Service (FIS), and all those taking care of the hospitalized patients who endured COVID these past 14 months. You are the real-life heroes who saved the best of San Francisco--our brothers and sisters of The City who are our heartbeat. Thank you for your continued service.
-Alex McConnell-Hill, PT. Navigator, Department of Surgery/Division of Trauma
HIP celebration last week - 4/18/21 to 4/24/21 - Congratulations to all Health Information Professionals (HIP) and the impact that HIP have on the quality of patient care around the globe. Thank you.
-Alicia Narayan RHIA, CDIP, CCS
Happy National Laboratory Professionals Week (April 18-24) to our clinical lab scientists, assistants, phlebotomists, research staff, faculty and support staff! You have all shined this last year and we appreciate you!!
Thank you Venus Peralta for always being a fair and reasonable charge nurse. H42/44 appreciates you. Keep up the good work!!
Thank you Amy Walker for your 1 year of DSW service to staff screening.  
-Aiyana Johnson
To all SPD technician sterile processing department Thanks for all your hard work  dedication, team work for providing services to operating rooms and our patients. 
-Bruce Sadreddin 
I would like to give recognition to the Med-Surg Nurse Managers that do an outstanding job of being there for the staff and the patients. You truly make a difference! 
Katie Enriquez (PES). Continuing to rock charge nurse in Psych Emergency. Thank you for being a great leader! 
-J. Hunter Rose
Shout out to Kevin Schindler from the DPH IT Project Management Office for all of his work setting up Mass Vaccinations Sites across the City.
-Laura Krehbiel
Happy Social Work Month to all DPH social workers! Social workers serve San Francisco community members through home health, outpatient, urgent care, renal, emergency room, inpatient, 4A SNF, LHH SNF, and medical respite services. Thank you for your dedication and tireless work in helping patients navigate life's most challenging moments! 
I would like to say how grateful I am to have the lift team to call for help so I can avoid hurting my back. Kit, Michael, and Eric are always a phone call away and provide much needed assistance. I really appreciate you guys! 
We would like to celebrate Social Worker Tony Amerson. Tony comes by every day to check on us as well as patients, to see if there is anything we need. He goes above and beyond to make our patients happy and feel safe with their medical needs. Thanks Tony for all your support.
-3M Surgical Clinic
To Tretha Stroughter, one of our incredible MAs in 6M - we so appreciate you, all you give, and how you show up for your colleagues and our families. You always have a solution for a problem, always willing to lend a hand, and make our lives easier as providers. Thank you for making our days brighter and getting our families what they need. we love you, boo!!
-all of us in 6M Children's Health Center
Thank you to the Rehabilitation Department's dedicated COVID COHORT team for providing equitable patient care to ZSFG COVID patients with grace and compassion. 
-Catherine Beier
Shout-Out to Avon Breast Center specifically the eligibility worker that works at the front desk. She is amazing. She makes sure that patient's abide by hospital policy as well as social distancing. Avon Breast Center would not be able to operate with her. Tamara Johnson should be the Director over that clinic because she knows it all. Good Job! I see you! Thank you for all of the work that you do. ROCKSTAR!!!
Kevin Schindler has been a rockstar for DPH IT PMO (Program Management Office).  He has gone above and beyond in his support of setting up vaccination sites.  Thank you Kevin!
Pharmacy Purchasing Staff - thanks for working so hard to get medications ordered and delivered, despite ice storms and software failures. Your efforts are appreciated!
To our staff from various departments who have been working so hard in our on-campus COVID-19 vaccination sites - can't thank you all enough for doing tens of thousands of vaccinations of staff and patients!!
Shout out to Christopher Gutierrez who has been deployed from Radiology to work at the Covid vaccine clinic  at the Wellness Center. He has been recognized as exceptionally helpful, knowledgeable with a pleasant demeanor.  Thank you for you wonderful hard work. Great job!
-City and County Staff from the Mission clinic 
Thanks to all of you in sterile processing department, you Rock. 
-Babak Bruce Sadreddin 
Avon breast center staff is a good example for team work, resilience, dedication and excellence in patient care. Go Avon!!!!
We would like to recognize our partners in the Dept of Education and Training, specifically Fred Ryan who has been integral in designing fliers.  Thanks Fred for supporting our communication efforts to the organization.
-Aiyana Johnson & Brigida Hoffman
Thank you to Jessica Liang for all your hard work, efficiency, and just in general being so on top of things! Ward 92 is a better place because of you!
Winne De Leon in Pediatrics created the most wondrous holiday displays in both the NICU and 6M Urgent Care. Her craftsmanship brought joy to patients and lifted the spirits of all those working this winter. Thank you for your dedication to your patients and colleagues!
Mal O. and Mike Oamil, thank you for your years of experience, no complaint attitude and for always supporting the staff. You are our NOC shift charge champions! We appreciate all of your hard work. 
 A huge thank you from all the staff at the 4E Employee COVID Vaccine clinic.  "Eleanor," whose name was outside of the brown bag and her amazing, thoughtful children Monika, Mike, Alexis and Charlotte.  They took the time to put together goodie bags for everyone at 4E. We love all the yummy treats, water, tissue, etc. to help us get through our day.
You made our day!! Thank you also for the sweet notes of appreciation and encouragement!
-Sandra, Rosaly, and the staff and RNs working at 4E Employee COVID Vaccine Clinic
Thanks again Cesli for the delicious donuts!!
- Service Desk
I wanna give a special thank to our unit H62/64 coordinators Darlen, Naty and Anna for ordering and organizing PPE. Your help is really appreciated during 
this time.
-Sushila H62/64
Mark Harris in the BASIC research unit is a pleasure to work with and always helpful and thoughtful in any way he can be. Always informed on the latest news from UCSF and ZSFG on new protocols and guidelines and ready to put his work aside to lend a hand where anyone needs it. Great colleague and awesome staff member! 
Salvador Ramirez from Employee Health
for kindly and gently vaccinating the masses of employees.   
 A huge shout out to all of my day shift colleagues  for being very flexible on 1/8/2021 as always, working hard with covid patients and supporting each other. Especial Thanks to Jane for being very flexible. You all are appreciated enormously and endlessly. Thank you. 
Sushila H62/64
Shout out to LISA WINSTON and team!  They have done an incredible job running the COVID19 infection control & hospital epidemiology response !  Amazing work!!!
-Mike Reid
6G staff!!!!, Alissa Perrucci and Counselors: Janette, Julie,Ana , you guys are ANGELS , treating patients with respect, advocating for patients needs , thank you so much for all the work you do.
I would like to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to Luis DeJesus, Rich Fiel, Mirna Lazi, & Lian cao, in EVS  for there expertise in keeping the OR in tip top shape even when they are short handed... GREAT JOB.. YOU GUYS ROCK 
Brent Andrew has done such an amazing job keeping us all informed about COVID and everything else this year.  I hear positive things about the daily digest from everyone I work with.  
Shout out to the Emergency Department. The Frontline. From EVS, MEAs, RNs, NPs, and MDs...
You show up every day to a high-risk area prepared to give it your all. 
You have handled the unprecedented challenges in the department with with a flexibility and fluidity that is uniquely your own. 
Your exemplary teamwork and professionalism continue to ensure patients in our community receive the best possible outcomes, pandemic notwithstanding. 
We appreciate you.
~ From a nurse in the trenches with you.
Many thanks to all the hardworking interpreters who assist with our patients every day! 
Joy is one of the most extraordinary people I've worked with at ZSFG. She is thoughtful and hardworking and reflective. She advocated for a patient in a major way this week, and it resulted in significant change of care plan for that patient. I celebrate you, Joy! We are lucky to have you!
-Josephine Macaraig
Shout out to the Outpatient Nutritionists who have adapted to many changes over the last few months.  Christina Chai, Pauline Grissom, Michelle/Ying Ying Guan, Maria Gutierrez Meza, Jackie Pallas, Vivian Wong and Chloe Yu.  Thank you for extending yourself to meet the challenges sent your way. All have been activated as DSW.  Many have returned in some capacity to seeing patients, working hard to meet the demand for our services. The commitment and effort that you each bring to whatever you are assigned to do is inspiring and greatly appreciated.  
I wanted to shout out to the Midnight Porters for all the hard work they do. a big "Thank You"
-Lissette Nunez
Angelito ignacio for always smiling 
Every MEA and the only LVN in 4M have now taken their turn being deployed.  You have each done your part to keep staff safe by screening in the lobby and keep the public safe by administering many, many flu shots. And the staff who remain in 4M have generously covered the work of deployed staff.  I'm so proud of how you all have stepped up during this difficult time!
Jeffrey Schmidt:  You are a consummate professional in your advocacy for patients and staff.  We are grateful for you every single day.

In Carr auditorium, there is inadequate physical distancing.  If you are facing the front of the auditorium, then the seats on the left side (where people wait for 15 minutes) are right next to where people are waiting in line for their return appointment/vaccine. I don't see a reason why the seats on the left can't be moved 3 seats in. Also 6 ft is a minimum, and we should strive for more space, not the minimum. Also, half the staff in Carr is not wearing eye protection, despite the new guideline. It also is not explained on the form we fill out before the vaccine why SOGI/ethnicity/marital status is being asked for in order to get a vaccine. Is this part of a study? I also don't know why the form asks for SSN -- why not just the last 4 digits, if this info is needed at all (especially when we reach the stage where it's possible that recipients don't have a SSN). Okay, my 15 minute wait period is over. Thanks for reading! 

I would like to celebrate our amazing team of sonographers here at ZSFG for your commitment and dedication to our patients. You all have spent countless hours scanning Covid patients in all parts of the hospital, putting your own health at risk and dealing with this crisis on a 24/7 basis. You are true rock stars!!!

H54/56 - Sharon, Thank you for your hard  work! We really appreciate it!

Shout out to the Chaplains for being on call over the holidays and weekends. Such a needed service, especially in this pandemic. God bless.

Radiology staff in Building 5/25/ER
I am humbled by the continued dedication of the Radiology Tech/RN/NP/ MD team and how they have continued to rise above in caring for our in and outpatients and those coming through UCC and the ER. 
They always deal with patients respectfully and patiently, but they have the added stress of caring for those with potential and active Covid on a moments notice and their standard of care remains high.
Proud to be a member of this team. 
Nancy Omahen

Many thanks to all the hardworking interpreters who assist with our patients every day! 

Heartfelt appreciation to Tess and Emma from the Risk Management team for their continued grace under pressure!  The kind and calm support they give to staff and providers is valued! Thank you!

Shout out to our ICU pharmacists who are amazing! They are so incredibly knowledgeable and helpful.  The ICU would not be the same without you!

Chef Mike has made the hospital so much brighter and happier for the holidays with the decorations and toys in the lobby and on the bridge. Thank you!!!

I would like to give a shout out to all the porters that are doing a great job. I just want to let you all know that you are appreciated
-Jewell W 

I can't express enough the trust, respect, and gratitude I feel for Lukejohn Day.  Throughout this entire year, he has worked through long nights and weekends to guide and advocate for our hospital. At the forefront is always his commitment to ensure that our patients, staff and teams, and communities are as safe as possible.  He approaches all of this with humility and grace, receiving each person's concerns with empathy and compassion.  I feel safer and more optimistic knowing he is leading us. For all of you who feel the same way, please show him your appreciation, too!

Thanks 4 your warmth & big smiles every one means so much.
-Cherie J

A giant shout-out to the RFPC / 1M nurses. They remain dedicated and flexible throughout this bumpy ride,  while given outstanding primary care to our patients. RFPC patients (and staff) could not ask for a more outstanding group of nurses!

All of the MEAs and LVNs working in CHC primary care. You are so good at your jobs and bring such positivity and a can-do attitude to primary care every day. We appreciate all of you!

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