Staff Shout-Outs 2020

During this crisis, our staff are going above and beyond to serve our patients and the community. Below are some shout-outs submitted by fellow staff to recognize the incredible work of their-peers and colleagues! Submit a shout -out by clicking on the button below!

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Shout out to Carlito, Aniag  Messenger Department . always so helpful willing to wait specimen and Stat specimen deliver on time.very kind and always smile and respectful.
-Family Health Center  

Shout out to all the students and staff who volunteered their time to help our patients register, obtain emergency absentee ballots, and vote on election day! 

A huge thanks to Jeff in H62/64 for his help with an unpredictable psych patient! Jeff jumped in to help without hesitation and he literally saved a patient's life! We are grateful for his help that day and every day! Thank you for working tirelessly and with such heart.

Shout out to all the Hard working CNA's on the ICU UNITS H32/38 /48 & H34/36 you go above & beyond FOR YOUR UNITS YOU ARE APPRECIATED!
-Your Fellow Teammate 

A huge shout out to Occupational Employee Health staff for creating, mobilizing, staffing, and maintaining, the COVID Hotline.  This very important service was essential for the crisis response.  WAY TO GO!

As the Program Director of the Citywide Case Management Probation Team, I have been able to watch our case managers' gradual shift to meet the needs of clients during this challenging time.  Circumventing the barriers COVID has created in an already complicated mental health system, these clinicians just can't be stopped!  So honored to work with such a dedicated, creative group of social workers. 
-Alex Weil, LMFT

We are inspired by the dedicated and thoughtful SFGH nurses. Special shout out to the H66/68 COVID nurses who have been our partners though this marathon. We are honored to work alongside you.
-Division of Hospital Medicine 

Aldon Mendez came to Care Experience a few weeks ago to fill a huge leadership gap.  He jumped right in without hesitation to support the OPEX and patient and visitor screening team.  He leads with compassion, dedication and respect.  We are very fortunate to have him even if it is for a short while.
-Care Experience

To all of the Respiratory Care Practitioners out there in our hospital community on the run to take care of patients in every corner of ZSFG during National Respiratory Care Week. You are some of the best RCP's around the globe, saving some of the sickest Covid patients in our country. You go above and beyond everyday. Congratulations for taking part in putting ZSFG on the map for your care of critically ill Covid patients. Go RCS Team!
-Laura Martin

Shout-out to the Main Lobby staff in Bldg.5 screening patients. Daily we are trying to adjust to the new normal. Eligibility Worker staff and Urgent Care staff all together. Specifically Carol, RN is very funny and outgoing. Working with her is awesome and a blessing as well. Carol is a rockstar and knows the job very well. There's other RN's that do well too like Kim N. who is very helpful. Carol shines bright like a diamond. Thank You All.

Antoinette Westbrooks from Environmental Service Department.  She leaves everything she touch bright and immaculate but what I love the most is her positive attitude toward her job.
-Gracia Cuellar MSW 

Shout out to all the hardworking nurses and pca's staff in unit 42-44!!! Keep up the good work! God Bless your heart. 

Want to give a shout out to Marila, Sheena, Wanda, Maridel and Sharon. These Operating Room nurses hold down the night shift and they keep the doctors in line. They are always great with communication and are always great to work with.

Shout out to OBIC for the hard work you do!!!!
You are appreciated.

Thank you for being so on top of everything!  You can juggle so many things while jumping from scanner to scanner to take care of patients.  You are amazing!
-Linda Jeung

Shout out to Chaplain Floyd and Chaplain Nabuule for their work supporting the family of the firefighter who died last week. 

A big shout-out to the Pharmacy Helpers!! With so many shortages of PPE and cleaning agents, the tireless and resourceful efforts of the Pharmacy Helpers have allowed us to keep the IV room clean and the staff smocked, so that we can continue to provide sterile IV products for patient care. They also bring up more supplies and drugs when inpatient pharmacy runs out, help keep pharmacy surfaces clean by refilling spray bottles with cleaning alcohol from bulk bottles, and they are our go-to for everything random. We appreciate all your hard and smart work--thank you!!
-Inpatient Pharmacy

We want to give a shout out to Saul Ramirez our EVS In Urgent Care for his dedication and hard work. Always making sure our Covid rooms are cleaned in a timely manner. He works above and beyond his duties. Thank you Saul!
-Urgent Care Staff 

I'd like to give a HUGE shout-out to the 6M staff, especially Tonia Vega, for maintaining clinic operations while I was out on leave. You are the best staff in the world and I appreciate all of you!
-Deirdre McAllister

"CONGRATULATIONS! MARY MATOSO, "phenomenal" Physical Therapist with >25 years of service, for winning the Hearty Award Grant for our Physical Therapy Pelvic Health specialty to KICK OFF on "October PT month 2020" in flying color during this unprecedented time.  She was able to write a winning grant proposal with only a 1.5-week notice given by ZFGH. We are extremely proud of Mary's amazing achievement that set an exceptional role model for many to follow and inspire at ZSFGH. Could not have come a better time to share such joy together!! 

Thank you for all you do!!!any ways."

"Shout out to Chaplain Nabuule for her incredible work with a family in the ICU in a very difficult situation. So grateful to have her support, and the support of all the chaplains during these difficult situations."

"HUGE SHOUT OUT to the CHC/6M Front Desk team, especially all of our newest team members who are bringing awesome energy to the clinic. We appreciate all that you do behind-the-scenes and with patients to keep our community healthy!"

-Maggie Gilbreth

"This is for the night shift AOD Shino Honda. Thank you for helping the birth center RNs and medical team coordinate things for a very sick patient. You are so helpful and calm during the most stressful situations! I just wanted to acknowledge and thank you for all your hard work and patience. It never goes unnoticed! Thank you!! 🖤"

-Nichole S.

"A big shout out to Greg Chase for always supporting the blood drives. His folks prepare the spaces so the blood drive folks can come in, load or unload so they can get busy. Thank you, Greg!"

-Alex McConnell-Hill

"Shout-out to our day shift AOD, Sam on 9/27/20,Thank you Sam for your extraordinary support and help to make safe environment on the floor during incredibly challenging, very unpredictable psychiatric patient through the really toughest situation. Your leadership is above and beyond. Your continuous checking made us feel safe and secure environment at work place. I really appreciate your communication with extra disciplinary team to make good outcome. You are awesome. Shout out to Jane RN and Phurbu PCA. you guys are brave went above and beyond following every step to make sure pt is ok and safe, brought back safely with sheriff. Thank you to Naty and all of my AM shift staff who are helping and supporting each other, taking care patients at the same time . Your team-work will never forget and it’s incredible. Thanks to all the doctors, And sheriff department as well . Thank you all once again !!! Sushila CN, H62/64"

"Eric Kondo in facilities has been a true unsung hero, working tirelessly to respond to the constant changes in building access and egress during this pandemic. Eric's work occurs behind the scenes, monitoring, updating, and analyzing with the end goal of increasing staff and patient safety. It also seems that he works constantly - responding to emails early in the morning and late in the evening. I appreciate what Eric has said about how we are all on the same team, working each in our own way to make our hospital a safer place."

"Shout out to Margaret Cy at UCC! Thank you for being our flu champion. Appreciate all that you do and your gentle touch!"

"Operating Room Nurse Managers for coming in the middle of the night when they have to help. They set the bar and a great example for other nurse managers to look up to! Night shift staff gets forgotten, but not from the Operating Room Managers!!"

"Shout out to Shino Honda Night AOD. She is the best Night AOD. Always communicative and knowledgeable. She SETS THE BAR AND ALL AODS SHOULD STRIVE TO BE AS AMAZING AS HER"

"Shout out to Keith on NOC and all EVS staff! We truly appreciate all of your hard work day in and day out! Keith you’re a real rockstar that helps get us through our shifts. Thank you for always keeping our units/hospital clean and safe for all. True covid-19 and everyday warriors!"

"Shout out to ALL H26 Pediatric Nurses for all their hard work, dedication, and patience to our young patients and their families during this challenging times. Each nurse goes above and beyond!!!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻"

"A very big thank you to Rita from EVS on H66/68 for all your hard work and dedication. We truly appreciate you and your efforts. We thank you for all that you do for all of us, our unit, and our patients."

-H66/68 Staff

"Much appreciation to Michael Fonseca for his time and effort bringing the new B25 Temperature screening cameras live!"

-Jason Zook

"Shout out to the ICU, ED and Med Surg nurses and the Respiratory Therapists for providing in-person bedside care to COVID-19 patients since the outbreak of this pandemic. Your selfless sacrifice in risking your health and that of your families to protect the rest of us has not gone unnoticed. We are truly grateful."

"Heartfelt gratitude to the Women's Options Center staff, who continue to provide loving, individualized support to all of the people needing abortion care--especially impressive during a time when our patients and staff face additional stresses and challenges. You are such amazing and steadfast patient advocates. Bravo to the 6G counselors, nurses, and front reception/Eligibility!"

-Teresa Hutchison-Thomas, ClinDoc Team

"I would like to thank our amazing eligibility team, particularly Jerusalem and Patricia. They went above and beyond for two patients under my care that developed orthopedic injuries while stranded in the US due to COVID. I can't thank you enough for your dedication and empathy to our patients. Your work does not go unnoticed!"

-Cecily Sotomayor, MD

"On behalf of the Staff Screening Team we would like to thank Reanna Mourgos for her support of the team these last 3 months. Best of luck going back to your "normal" duties. We know you will shine!"

-Aiyana Johnson

"Thank you to Care Experience, Hospital Administration and the SFGH Foundation for appreciating all the DPH and UCSF staff, faculty, trainees and volunteers at ZSFG with new jackets. Kudos to Casie Aniya, Nykole Baltazar, Shannon Smith, Ana Perucho, Brandi Frazier and Kim Nguyen, the ZSFG team who organized the complicated purchase, distribution, reorders and exchanges. Additional thanks for distribution assistance from UCSF Volunteers (Lorel Hiramoto, Fraser Conrad, Anthony Ababon, Bernadette Tobin, Brooks Bigart, Gloria Fisher, Barbara Fernandez, Wynne Bamberg)."

"My co-workers and I would like to recognize Cherie Joiner, messenger extraordinaire. Cherie lives the principles of service excellence every minute of every day. She greets co-workers and patients in the hallway. She leads with an energetic, positive attitude. She is always ready and available to help. The love that Cherie brings to this hospital flows through every person that she comes into contact with so that they, too, can share it with the next person that they meet."

"I'd like to give a shout out to Rosana Leon for all her hard work and dedication to the Epic-Inpatient team! She is always so caring and patient with everyone on the team. She takes the time to really understand and help resolve the issues that we bring to her. The Clinical Documentation team is so grateful to have her as our manager! <3"

-Olivia A.

"Shout Out to the EVS team for your outstanding work in the Cardiology work room. We are so grateful!!!"

-Medicine Service Residents

"Shout out to Rosana Leon for her tremendous support and leadership for the Epic team!! Not only is she a great manager, but she is the mother figure for a lot of the folks on the team. We appreciate you so much Rosana, you bring joy to the team!"

-Epic Inpatient Team

"Thank you to the SFSD for your professional approach to maintaining safety on campus! I have appreciated knowing you were always available to restore peace and security in the environment as volatile as SFGH."

"Rosana Leon - for her amazing guidance and support with the Epic Inpatient Team."

"Giving a shout out to Amy Chen and Winnie Fang from EVS. Thank you for making our department clean and sanitize. Thank you and we appreciate all your hard work and a job well done. From NOC shift Labor and Delivery staff."

"Shout Out to Adult Urgent Care Clinic and All of it's Staffs! Since the Pandemic, they have provided continuous staffs at the B5 lobby, to help screen patients for all the clinics, triage patients with symptoms, and have scheduled MD in the lobby to see patients. The dedications and efforts, they all put in to be first line workers at the lobby, are greatly appreciated and are a inspiration to all."

"Thank you to Elizabeth Gonzalez, RN in 6M/Children's Health Center for always going above-and-beyond for our patients, including outreach for vaccine catch-up and organizing food and supplies in our Patient Pantry. We look up to you and appreciate you every day!"

"Shout out to Merjo Roca, Nurse Manager for ZSFG Adult Urgent Care, for her leadership, for her tireless effort in making things happen and getting things done for Adult Urgent Care, from ECW transition to Epic, and now handling the constant changes faced daily during this pandemic."

-UCC Nurse

"We want to give a big shout out to our ED Charge Nurse Rob Alvernaz! Amazing CN who is always advocating for patients and staff. Always jumping in helping to make sure our patients get optimal patient care especially when the ED is super busy. Also frequently coordinates with MICU to send nurses to help them with the COVID swim team when needed. We appreciate your positive energy and you are a pleasure to work with!"

-ED Staff

"I have a tremendous appreciation to extend to Rith in the Daily Screening booths in Bldg 25. Pulled from day shift to work nights, he greets everyone with a smile detectable behind his mask. He makes my day !"


"A Big Shout-Out to Rich Elliot and Greg Chase ! Rich and Greg work tirelessly to get the job done, all while wearing a big smile. Rich and Greg are pleasant to work with and always goes above and beyond."

-OTOP/W93/Mobile Van site clinic Team

"Thank you to the FIS, ED, and ICU attendings for providing in-person care to all COVID-19 patients in the hospital and shielding others from exposure since the beginning of the pandemic. Your sacrifice in putting your own and your families' health at risk keeps others on the care team safe. We are all so grateful!"

"Shout out to Diamond Goodwin, OB chief resident. Thank you for your warm, supportive way of navigating tough situations. It's been a pleasure working with you!"

"Thank you so much Andrew Brent and all the staff for doing this shout out! I thought my shout out wasn’t chosen at all I’m so happy it’s real and it’s awesome. Thank you all!!"

-Sahlie Borgonia

"A huge thank you to Be-Verlyn Navarro for organizing an educational, uplifting, and entertaining emergency department newsletter. We always look forward to getting it in our inboxes every Friday."

-Co-ACIT Team

"Yessica Nuila - Thank you for your flexibility and extraordinary support of the RFPC front office during Epic and all of the recent transitions! You are a star!"

"H66-68 are true modern heroes!!! They have been dealing with COVID since the very beginning. Can you imagine, on top of doing Med Surg tasks, they also pick up their patients’ trash (something that housekeeping used to do), delivering food inside their patients’ trays (something that dietary used to do), picking up their patients’ outside food delivered by loving families and friends (something that the staff do extra to provide better patient care experience because no visitors are allowed at the moment on H66-68), trying their best to keep COVID patients from decompensating and eventually ending up in the ICU (something that can be really challenging to do especially when ICU beds are really tight) and lastly, also coordinating and getting all those specimens needed by the researchers (on top of what the staff has to do on their floor whether or not they have additional help is not easy). So I commend the staff of H66-68. What you do is no easy feat. Pls. stay strong."

"Shout out to all the 5m staff. I recently started working in the clinic and observed how caring they are with the patients and how the staff work well as a team."

-Brenda Barros

"Cyndi Carrillo is among one of the best when I think of co-workers as an Eligibility Worker. Cyndi goes above and beyond showing nothing but greatness and a wonderful character with her fellow co-workers. Through blood, sweat, and tears; Cyndi is a die heart worker in our organization and I love that about her. Cyndi Carrillo is a name that will leave a mark or ZSFGH in a positive way. If asked should she be a manager or supervisor, hands down absolutely! Such a wonderful soul and no one can ever dim her light. Anything negative just bounces off of Cyndi and I admire that skill in her character. Overlooking Cyndi or doubting her would be a huge mistake. All higher up manager and supervisors should've looked at her and matched her paycheck with her skill set. Awesome/Honest/Credible she is and more. Thank You Cyndi.....You're the!!!"

"Tamara Johnson at the Avon Breast Center. A great asset to the organization and Avon Breast Center. She's the only person I've seen with my own eyes to handle and run the front desk by herself without any help from anyone in the center. Tamara is an EW that knows what she's doing and does it very well. Tamara has most definitely made a huge stamp in the SFDPH-ZSFGH organization. I appreciate fellow co-workers like her and honestly wouldn't want to work with anyone else if her shoes cannot be filled correctly or beyond the bar she's set. I am grateful for every lesson learned with Tamara and feel that she should have been a supervisor a long time ago running a clinic/center correctly and making a positive difference in the community and with our ZSFGH patient's. Thank You Tamara Johnson for everything you've done and continue to do daily. You're an AWESOME co-worker."

"Shout out to Noc AOD Shino Honda on 8/15/2020. In 4A I only have 2 RN that night and i merted one of my patient and she helped me w/ iv line and blood draws while Awaiting patient to get transferred to ICU. Then Shino and Christine MERT nurse helped me to push the bed and moved patient to icu. That was super awesome with these two women!!! And I’m so grateful to our SNF Dr. Villela for her action above and beyond. Also shout out to all Doctors, neurologist in icu also nurses at icu H32 thank you all for taking care of ou 4A patient and the ease of transition that night was super amazing!!! Shout out also to Bed control Jinky and to all Admitting staff too- Super Thank yous!!!-Sahlie Borgonia4A"

-Rosahlie Borgonia CN nocshift

"I would like to acknowledge the entire screening team who are many times the first people we see in the morning. Always upbeat and friendly. I would like to specifically provide a shout out to Brigida Hoffman for overseeing this work. She has completed over 150 competency checks with each screener to assure standard work is applied. Not just anyone can be a screener, it takes patience, dedication and putting on a happy face despite what is occurring at the moment. Chuck Lamb has done an exception job with screening in bldg 80/90 and has developed a dedicated team that has made a huge difference in the overall environment in that bldg! Aiyana, Jennifer, and Kimvan have been exceptional partners and work tirelessly to support the front line staff. Thank you all for keeping us all safe here at ZSFG!!"

-Tom Holton

"Thank you to our incredible Nurse Manager Philippa Doyle. Philippa, you consistently rise to meet new challenges posed by the pandemic and other situations alike, with serving our patients at the heart of everything you do. You are always collegial, helpful, creative and data-driven."

-RFPC Management Team

"I would like to give a shot out to Cynthia Carrillo. She's always going above and beyond duty when it comes to patient care. She is dependable and demonstrates that she cares for the patients as well as her co-workers. Cynthia is capable of handling a variety of assignments which demonstrates that she gets the job done. She is reliable in all situations and a loyal and trustworthy employee. Her cheerful attitude benefits her patients and inspires her co-workers. Cynthia understands how to make a real difference in patient care and makes people feel important and appreciated. Cynthia we thank you for being an excellent example for others to follow."

"Tamara Johnson-Avon Eligibility/Patient Access. Tamara you are a reliable Eligibility & Patient Access' "Superstar" at Avon. You continue to roll out the red carpet for our patient's. Your leadership, team player, & professionalism with our staff & patient's is all golden. Your excellent performance & hard work is exactly what leadership signifies; it never goes unnoticed. Thank you for your continued leadership that goes above & beyond. The city & DPH is fortunate to have an employee like you. Tamara is the example of what an employee should be. Management take a page from Tamara's book, she's are very much a leader & appreciated. Thank you Tamara!"

"To Diana Yanez RN and Carmen Rivera CNM on the Family Birth Center. You two are the twins of love and advocacy for our pregnant and birthing people and families. You galvanize Birth Center staff to donate food, time, and big bucks to our Patient Pantry as well as volunteering yourselves. Your abilities to "festivize" while remaining socially distant are a benefit to all of us. You all never met a Dollar Store item you didn't like, or couldn't repurpose into classy and fabulous decorations--and always with a snazzy theme! Thanks for keeping our spirits up in these tough times, and for being wonderful exemplars of making sure our pregnant people are at the center of our care."

"Many thanks to Pat from facilities. We have been doing an office reorganization to facilitate social distancing. Pat has been so helpful as we rearrange and reorient our office space!"


"Thank you to all of SFSO staff, cadets and deputies for all the hard work they do in keeping the staff and patients safe at ZSFGH"

-Cherie Hill

"To the superlative Tonia Vega - 6M/ CHC Charge - who consistently inspires the team to greatness EVERYDAY, ensures that the team has the most up-to-date knowledge they need and creates an atmosphere where EVERYONE’S talents are valued and appreciated. We ❤️ you. THANK YOU! for all you do."

"Shout out to Erika Sol for her amazing service to RFPC patients (and our providers and staff!) over the past few months. You are always so patient-centered and help advance the care of every patient you work with - we will miss you - thank you!!"


"Cristina Punzalan-For being so caring & compassionate, always willing to add new roles & help. She always says yes because she cares about the pt's. She is thoughtful, supportive, always making sweets for the staff, remembering the birthdays, she even made gift bags for the R3's when they graduated. FHC is so lucky to have you as a nurse!"

-R. Abdel, RN

"The staff on 66-68, they are true heroes taking care of Covid patients with utmost professionalism and a great attitude. They have been able to maintain the great work month in and month out, putting their own fatigue and fear on the side. What a great team! THANK YOU for your work and for protecting us all by protecting yourselves."

"I'd like to give a huge shout out to the building 5 lobby patient screener's and Urgent care staff! You all have done such an amazing job with all the changes and difficult situations that present themselves daily! It was a pleasure working with all of you!!"

-Liz Castillo

"My co-workers and I would like to appreciate Chef Michael and all the other chefs and cooks and servers at the cafeteria. Thank you for creating and serving delicious and nutritious meals for us everyday. We have never been more grateful than during the past several months as the fundamentals of life have become so much more difficult. Knowing that the cafeteria is there to feed us is live-saving. It is an act of care that you give every day."

"I like to give a shout out to our staff screening team! You all do a great job screening staff and keeping the campus safe. We really appreciate all your hard work and dedication!"

"This shout-out is for Alan Lee - ZSFG scrub tech. He is one of the best and shows kindness and compassion to all his patients. Recently, during a severe postpartum hemorrhage during a c-section, Alan noticed the patient needed support and, without being prompted, held the patient's hand to provide comfort while providers and nursing staff worked to stop the bleeding. The patient did not have a support person in the room and Alan stepped up to provide much needed support. Thanks Alan, for all you do! ZSFG and the anesthesia department are lucky to have such an amazing team member!"

"Shout out to all the ZSFG NICU nurses for staying calm in stressful code situations and for always helping residents find their way. "

"Valentino Ibarra (Rafael Jr.)"

"Valentino Ibarra (Rafael V Ibarra Jr) I wanted give shout-out to this Imaging Assistant ( Radiology Transport ) Rafael he a very diligent hard working employee in Imaging Services. Every time I entered to Imaging Services he very positive around staff members. Rafael been working for radiology for as long I know him he has a lot good quality care with patients especially when things get busy as well I honestly feel he doesn’t get recognized by his own department which time in time I see him working I feel his skills and hard work he should get some kind of manager lead / supervisor position in Imaging Services. Rafael has a big heart for hospital staff and always things about everybody safety. I’m Director , Nurse Manager which I don’t want people know who I am but I love to have a employee like Rafael I give advice to get his Nursing Degree and come work for my Department. I wanted inform Andrea Turner Director of Imaging you got good employee consider a lead role for him."

"Big shout out to Asmara Gebre, CNM who has been fighting tirelessly to create a safe healing place for her patients and our entire community. Proud to learn from her, work with her and have her represent ZSFG. "

"Thank you Asmara Gebre for your bravery and dedication to justice and equity for our patients! The love and care you provide to others in and out of the hospital is incredible."

"I'd like to recognize Cathy Fimbres for the wonderful job she does in supervising the portable restrooms placed in Building 80/90's garden. Cathy greets everyone with an incredible smile and warm greeting. When not caring for those using the facilities, she can be found picking up any debris or litter around the garden, walkways and adjacent parking area! Great job Cathy!"

-Dan Berrner (Ward 84 - HIV, Infectious Diseases and Global Medicine) 

"Claire Bohman has been a magnificent support in our care of patients at the end of life, their families, and their care teams. She has been at the bedside and on the phone calling to offer families ongoing support after loss, and she helped comfort me as a care provider saddened by multiple losses. I feel so fortunate to have her and her team at our hospital!"

-Neda Ratanawongsa

"Akila from the Call Center is always positive person. I was the interpreter for a patient who was really frustrated and had called the Call Center. Akila was able to deescalated the situation and provided the patient with different courses of action to help him. At the end of the call, the patient calmed down and understood what he could do and thanked Akila for doing a great job. I also really appreciated the way Akila helped the patient, so thank you Akila for your positive attitude and your continued great service. You are the!"

-Luis A.M.

"Yesenia G. Rodriguez "

-Elizabeth Gonzalez, RN 

"Shout out to Stevie RN in the ED! Stevie came up to our floor to insert an ultra-sound guided IV on a patient super last minute. Thanks again!"

-Tim RN 62/64

"Thank you to the amazing OTOP staff: Nurses,NP,MD and counselors who deliver outstanding care every day to our patients."

"Thank you to the amazing ACE unit nurses who deliver outstanding care every day to our older patients."

"The exceptional Pauline Tran and Chickie Lejender (CIT at LHH) work tirelessly to ensure every LHH employee is tested in a timely/systematic manner. Their upbeat, friendly attitude and excellent leadership skills help create an empowered team and an awesome workplace experience - EVERYDAY! Thank you 🌷"

"Huge shout-out to all the Respiratory Care and ICU staff for working so incredibly hard during this pandemic. Thank you team! :) "

"Shout out to Colleen, Psychiatric Emergency Services RN, for great collaboration, helping a scared ED patient."

"Our Wonderful Unit Coordinator Val Wagner always makes patients feel so Welcome when they step on to our floor. Thank you for everything you do Val!"

"We recognize the great collaboration and problem-solving of Tasha McAlpin and the HR Department, Eric Kondo and Antonio Naguiat for producing and programming over 380 ID badges to make sure the new residents, medical students and fellows could access their work spaces."

-Admin Team, UCSF Dean's Office at ZSFG

"A huge Shout Out to Daimonnae Stevenson. We are forever grateful for Dai's great capacity to respond with flexibility, professionalism, and great intelligence. Whether as deployed staff to OHS to help process expedited hires or testing out the OPD lobby flow role, Dai is a star and we value you so much!!"

-Rosaly Ferrer, Alena Maunder, Angelica Boilard

"I want to thank H42/44 staff. Especially CN Brinder for being on top of everything everyday any day!! We love you and appreciate you for your dedication and guidance."


"Thanks to John Kapisarov with the Epic-Willow Team for being an incredibly knowledgeable and efficient resource. His patience, expertise, and creativity really improve Willow with far-reaching effects throughout the Epic system. We're so happy he's a part of the DPH team!"

-4H3 back row

"I’d like to recognize the hardworking and dedicated NOC shift staff of 76/78. Their care and patience to the elderly population has not gone unnoticed. With less resources available during these hours, the RNs and PCAs work great as a team to get the job done efficiently and professionally. The charge nurses have been excellent resources, leaders and colleagues. This floor is one of a kind and we are so lucky to have an ACE unit! "

"Winnie Fang EVS NOC Shift"

-H22 NOC Shift Staff

"I would like to give a shout out to Stella Landry, Discharge Planning. Stella is always been a positive force here at The General. I especially appreciate her for thinking of the Switchboard Operators and organizing a homemade breakfast for the AM shift out of the goodness of her heart and we APPRECIATE YOU STELLA!"

-Angela Calderon

"A big shout out to Jovy Elizarde, a charge nurse in 4A. He has been very patient and helps a lot for a very verbally abusive patient. Also, thanks for his dedicated work and extraordinary CN role to be a role model to the staff. What Jovy has been doing for 4A, we see it all! It has been a pleasure to be a team with you!"

-Shu-Mei & 4A Staff

"Shout out to Joe Nauer for working this upcoming Saturday night/Sunday morning so the fathers and staff can celebrate Father's Day with their families."

-CPD Staff

"Thank you for all you do to support pregnant and parenting families in 5M and Family Birth Center. We are sol lucky to have you!"
-Joe Nauer, Sam Hoffman and Jason Zook

"We would like to give a special thanks to Central Supply for all there help with maintaining our medical supplies. They are always willing to help us and always present a positive attitude. Thanks for all your hard work. 3M"

-3M Surgical Clinic

"Shout out to the Epic ClinDoc Team members, Norman, Joan, Mike and our PT Lilly! They have continually stepped up and worked hard for the many large areas that we support on so many issues ranging from COVID build, Break/Fixes and how to make something work better for the End Users. They have done all of this mostly while WFH and every day they show up ready to work and get the job done! I am so fortunate to be a part of such a fantastic Team!"

-Teresa Thomas

"Giving a shout-out to my manager, Mary Ellen Kelly of Hematology-Oncology for holding the "Fort" (department) down and keeping us all sane:) She's doing a wonderful job!"

-Gloria Fisher

"Shout Out to Sherie Williams for doing an Outstanding Job in the our ED Dept. enrolling patients in Medi-Cal."

"To Deirdre McAllister and Rosaly Ferrer for collaborating to create a new system to ensure COVID testing for pediatric patients!"

-Elena Fuentes-Afflick

"Kuddos to everyone in respiratory care services! Covid has placed added stain on you but you’ve managed to battle through with amazing teamwork!"

"Great work to Jeff Scarafia for leading the Epic Application Teams through COVID IT build!"

"I would like to recognize Stephany Medina, in Psych administration, for all the support she is providing the department. Stephany has always been incredibly supportive / helpful / reliable / organized but she has upped her game during this crisis. Thank you Stephany!"

"We are so grateful to Felicia, Albert, John, William, and Evaline who deliver supplies and stock our cart day after day. And for Mishaune, Michelle and Marquice for helping us at the window. As a team, your positivity, humor, hard work, and service is something that we notice and appreciate. We feel that we have a friend in CPD with each of you."

"Shout out to Shino Honda, Kathy Balou, Chie Quevedo and Melissa Pitt for supporting 4A"


"To Gillian Otway for being a champion of patient-centered care and health equity. You shine the light and we're honored to follow in your footsteps."

-Elena Fuentes-Afflick, MD, MPH

"I want to share my appreciation of the staff and management at the BHC ARF, RCFE and MHRC. We are all working together as a great team. The challenges are tough but we are strong and unified. Thank you."

-A Team Leader

"I would like to thank whoever found the ornate, one of a kind, hand-made, delicate, but seriously sentimental, hanging earring last Tuesday, 19 May 2019 & turned it into the Bldg90 screeners. Wednesday morning, a bunch of us were out in front of Bldg90 with our heads down at weird angles like robins searching for earthworms. One of the screeners asked if we were victims of a cruel joke, but we said that we were looking for an earring that was lost the previous day. The screener said: "Wait a minute! We've got something taped to our plexiglass screener shield that might be what you're looking for." It was & it made our day. Thank you, whoever you are, you made a big difference with this seemingly small act of compassion. Additionally, a small reminder to be very careful when changing your custom mask to your hospital mask before getting screened, be mindful of earrings or other jewelry that might be dislodged. Thank you for being here & now."

-David, Facilities

"Thank you to the Rehab Dept for throwing me a socially distant baby shower before my leave! I was sad that I had to cancel our real one for our first baby, but you all warmed my heart and let me still have one during a pandemic. Life is still going on around us; thank you for working hard for our patients while still showing care and kindness to each other to get through this!"

-Michelle PT

"We would like to acknowledge the dedication and hard work of Teresa Thomas on the Epic ClinDoc Team. She has been amazing in taking the lead in the new Gorgas project and making sure that her team has met all of their goals. Teresa has shown her dedication and love of DPH by being onsite and working in San Francisco. She lives in Vancouver, Washington and flies in every week. During COVID-19 SIP, she had the option to work from home but choosed to be onsite to support her team while they SIP WFH. Your dedication is appreciated by the Epic team and all o the nursing SMEs."

-Epic Inpatient Team

"Shout-out to Richard H. Fine People's Clinic and the staff of 1M for really helping out the Adult Urgent Care Center big-time over the past three months by seeing patients with non-respiratory problems who would otherwise be seen in UCC. It's incredible how much of a difference that made with our patient flow. Thank you so much for being such great partners!"

-Adult Urgent Care Center Staff

"I was so overwhelmed with 3 admissions and overflowing call lights on Friday evening 5/21 and the night AOD came to help out with me answering all the priority needs to be done! You’re awesome Shino Honda!! Hats off fr your colleagues in 4A SNF Rehab bldg 5"

"Thank you, ENDOSCOPY staff! We are so lucky to have an amazing team of dedicated nurses and staff. Keep up the great work and awesome attitudes!"

-Michael Tana

"Want to shout out to EVS and Central Supply. Ya’ll are the REAL MVPs!! The hospital would not be able to function efficiently and effectively without all of you!! When you are shorthanded we definitely feel it. I hope they give you more staff! Keep up the strong work!!"

"Thanks to all the Hard working nurses, pca’s and clerks from the the covid unit in h66/68. You rock!!!"

"Big kudos to Martha Curbow RN on H68 who was very helpful to our dermatology consult team last week. Thanks for your remarkable warmth and generosity!"

-Michael and Erin, Dermatology

"A big shout-out to the EDCM team of social workers, medical and admin staff that continue to provide compassionate care both here on-site as well as in the community. Thank you for safely supporting our clients during this very difficult time. You rock! "


"Shout out to the many Epic team members who donated blood this week (I ran into 4 Epic team members during my donation slot)! "

-Neda Ratanawongsa

"Leslie Holpit has been a constant support for our med-surg units! Thank you for all that you do! "

"I want to acknowledge the work of our Administrative , Provider and Custodial/Plant staff at ZSFGH. Thank you for your service. So many of the individuals on our faculty and in our SFDPH are leading at home through out the country and world, shaping and defining the correct response to the SAR-CoV2 threat. Our ability to observe, measure and respond have created models of care that are being duplicated in the State, country , SSA, SEA and Eastern Europe. Thank you for seeing the commonality of the work you do for our patients and the global community. .. Its as Real as IT Gets..."

-Eric Goosby MD

"Thank you Shayda O’Hara nurse manager of 54/56 for your continuous love and support. We are lucky to have a leader who stands up for us and checks in on our emotional health!"

"Thank you sterile processing department, your hard work and dedication highly appreciated."

-Babak Bruce Sadreddin

"Give a shoutout to the PACU night staff especially Maeve R., Kevin D., and Melissa O.! Night shifters are always forgotten for recognition and by management. These three are amazing, very detailed and thorough when giving us report. They are always happy and a pleasure to be around!!"

"Big shout-out to Rosendo Alvarez from OTOP."

"A big shout- out to the laboratory team!! For all their hard work. Especially to the CLS's who are covering shifts to perform STAT COVID testing! 24/7"

"Shout out to H66/68 for being awesome caregivers all throughout. Their teamwork is undeniable, the charge nurses are on point, PCAs are awesome, the clerks are diligent, nurses are brilliant and they are led by Nurse Manager Tanvi Bhakta who is compassionate and smart. In addition, shout out also to Reanna Mourgos for making the grey scrubs happen. Thank you so much Reanna, we appreciate you!! Shout out also to Jen Berke (Nursing Education)--Thank you for continuously educating us and for your patience. We love you!!"

-Cecille Aguja, Randolph Bordon, Carol Latanafrancia

"Thank you Loyma Lacayo for being our amazing EVS staff. You are an integral member of the 6G team, caring for the unit like home, watching out for our safety and security. We appreciate you!"

"Thanks to all staff for Protecting Each Other with face coverings and social distancing while waiting in line for the screening process to begin their shifts."

"Great big shout to Joe,he & his crew works tirelessly day & night their the heart beat of zsfg ...... Thanks 4 all u do CPD ...."

-Cherie J

"Shout out to Anne Devicais from OR for bringing her own gazebo shade to protect the staff who go to the Covid testing tent from the sun!!! "

-Stephanie Moy, Miriam Ruano & Sarah Tran

"Shoutout to the H54/56 Covid unit and Selam! Thankyou for what you do!"

"Shout out to my fellow CLERKS!!! Let's keep coming to work with smiles on our faces !! Lets stay kind and positive to help our tired nurses and other staff members especially in times like this. We may not be able to help treat or take care of patients but we do our best to keep our units organized, clean and partially/fully stocked for whatever nurses need to do their jobs. When nurses need something and we don't have it, we search/run, and make it happen Thanks to CPD and also EVS, our Partners at work."

-Mary J "MJ" Haney 7B Psychiatric Unit Unit Clerk

"Big shout out to Eun Sun Park for being a caring & amazing 4A activity director. She has been doing 1:1 activities and connecting 4A residents to the tablet team during this pandemic for 4A residents. She always goes above and beyond! We are so lucky to have you!"

-4A Staff

Shout-out to the second floor nurses from Maternal-Child Health for helping to raise money for 5M patients in need! They have already raised over $4,300 to fund food bags and baby supplies. We would like to especially recognize Carmen Rivera, Jessenia Dominquez, and Dianna Yanez for spearheading the drive! 


-Wilma Flores H66/68

"OR STAFF FOR TAKING OWNERSHIP OF THE WALK UP TESTING SITE- RAIN OR SHINE. The past few days have been challenging, working under the scorching sun. The tent is hot! Swabbers with full gear PPE- drenched while working. Stephanie Moy Sharron Huang Miriam Ruano Lucy Lozano Rebecca Cheung Cathy St. Germain Stacey Chun "

"Shout out to the entire Peri-op team for always going above and beyond. Under the leadership of Patty Coggan this group is always ready to go for every and all situation that walks through the door. Everyone from the OR, pre-op PACU, GI, Cath LAB IR, SPD and 4J are proud to be are part of the ZSFG team!"

"Sandra Flores, Twin Doyle, and Cameo Taylor for being amazing Substance Use Patient Navigators during this time of shelter in place! Connecting our patients to Medication Assisted Treatment/Residential Treatment and being so passionate about this work."

-Alexandra Haas, MFT - Project Director of HOUDINI Link

"Let us give appreciation and recognition to the DPH ZSFGH HIS Department Medical Records PM shift 1404 employees essential workers. Your flexibility and dedication in your work is simply amazing. Thank you to those assigned to pick up medical records from different locations of the hospital, sorters and scanners they play an important role in delivering continuation of care. Pm shift 1404 employees are: Derrick Kwok, Henry Xie, Lourdes Maningas, Johannes Dsouza, Jose Garcia, Hoe Chow (John), Vinh Quan, Zenobia Daily, Jennifer Curiel and Dexter Ng. With the positive leadership of Diane Lovko - DPH HIS Director, Sandy Hames - HIS Operation Manager, Sophie Tran - Pm shift Operation Supervisor and Kirby Villar - 2110 Pm shift Lead. "

-Gloria Lucas - DPH ZSFH - HIS Department

"Shout out for Street Medicine from 50 Ivy St. and the SF HOT team for there amazing care of people experiencing homelessness who are in great need at this time. I have the privilege of working with them bring care to tents, doorways and the sidewalks. The need is immense. The care and creativity is outstanding."

-Dan Wlodarczyk MD

"Happy Nursing Week to all of the FANTASTIC Psychiatry nursing staff and leaders. A special, heartfelt gift of gratitude extended to Kathy Ballou, Psychiatry Nursing Director, for her beyond excellent clinical judgement, calm and supportive leadership, unwavering dedication and leading us confidently through all of the changes. Kathy's AMAZING leadership makes a difference for our entire department (RN, MD, OT, SW, Pharm) and we certainly couldn't do it without her."

"Above and beyond work of our DSW DPH-DOC Personnel team. Lets celebrate Greg Wagner, Karen Hill, Anastassia Galant, Colette Costelo, Mikaela Merchant, Nike and Brenda. Thank you for all your effort and dedication in delivering an excellent service to our community San Francisco. Keep up the good work DSW Personnel team."

-Gloria Lucas

"To interpreter services for their wonderful work and patience! Especially as we shift to more telephone visits. Special shout out to Cyra who went above and beyond when helping me on a call to a family. She offered food resources that she knew about that were close to where the family lived and helped find more. Really appreciated the help as did the family!"

-Mabel Chan

"I want to shout out to Marleen Levardo and Marites Junier for their ability to be put in any situation with a smile. Thank you for your positive vibes."

-Angel Espinoza

"Shout out to the amazing Ward 86 Social Workers and Nurses who continue to come in everyday and work with some of the city's most vulnerable living with HIV/AIDS; supporting them with linkage to food, substance use treatment, mental health, and emergency housing. Rockstars! #LoveforZSFG"

"To all of my friends and coworkers at SFGH Sterile processing department, Thanks for all your hard work and support, Taking care of operating rooms and their surgical needs."

-Babak Bruce Sadreddin

"Dr. Carina Marquez and the ID Division for quickly mobilizing efforts to initate testing with a focus on LatinX populations in the Mission District! Truly marvelous to see the partnership between SF's COVID-19 LatinX Taskforce, other CBOs, DPH, and UCSF. "

"Shout to Messengers they work very hard, and long hours with a smile on there face we need that thank u .... we appreciate u thank u 4 your service...."


"Shout out to all the first year resident doctors who are continuing to work day in and day out with poise and caring despite unprecedented changes in your work and training. "

-Crister Brady

"Shout out to Interpreter Services!!! "

"Shout out to Dr. Rebecca Jackson in OB/GYN, for keeping the department informed, connected. Your leadership has been nothing short of AWESOME!!! And since you aren't one to take compliments, thought I would shout it out here, " YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!"

"shout out to ALL STAFF of U.M Department for almost 5 months working with this beautiful and hardworking People, thank you for Teaching me,I learned a lot !!! (^!^) I'm going to missed you guys."


"Thank you to all NICU /H24 Nurses and Unit Clerks for working hard during this pandemic crisis. "

-Priscilla Parayno

"Shout out to ICU RN, Lauren Munoz for her compassionate care for a dying patient. She was extremely kind and patient to the rest of the provider team and diligently performed all of her tasks without complaint. You could tell she had great dedication to her patient, which I’m sure truly made a difference for the patient, as he passed peacefully. Thank you Lauren! "

-Sam Lee, PGY-1, IM 

"I want to thank the rehab staff for working so hard for all your patients!!"

-Rehab Patient


"I'd like to give an enormous shout out to the 6M staff who worked on Monday: LeeAnne Mercier, Yesenia Gomez-Rodriguez, Tatyana Vovchok, Lilian Alegria, Alka Wong, and Vincent Morrone. Despite 6 sick calls, they all pulled together and made the clinic run smoothly. I'm so proud of my team!"

-Deidre McAllister

"I'd like to give a shout out to the Outpatient Nutritionists who have gone above and beyond to connect our patients with food and formula resources. It has taken investigation, persistence, creativity to help our patients meet one of the most basic needs. With gratitude for your hard work."

-Jennifer Cherry

"Thank you to Ying Lao and her supervisor (who fixed my eye) from Ophthalmology with speed and proficiency "

-A ZSFG Patient in H62/64

"Thank you to Dr. Gordon who patiently explained all aspects of care in detail."

-A ZSFG Patient in H62/64

"I'd like to recognize Jennifer Cherry, who (on top of her own work) contacted all my patients for me when I was having computer issues and couldn't contact them myself."


"Shout-out to Hasija Sisic for always being top of things, friendly and calm in the eye of the storm! "

"I would like to recognize Tom Holton, Brigida Hoffman and Chuck Lamb for managing the daily operations of staff screening."

-Aiyana Johnson

"Krithi - having you on our team has made us so happy! Your smiley face, and willingness to help with the hardest of tasks is wonderful! Thank you!"

-H54/56 Nurses

"Yvonne, Alexis, Tess, Jan, Kathryn, Deanna, Paloma, Meauyie, Kris, Susan, Hye, Catheryn for your willingness and readiness to deploy to the testing tents, PPE donning/doffing, 4A, COVID notification team. Also, ALL the DOCC RNs for increased work load by covering the deployed staff. We appreciate the help from our Clerical Staff too! Thank you Team!!!"


"I'd like to shout out to all of the ZSFG social workers! I especially appreciate those I know personally who work with pregnant people and families with young children--- Amy, Liliana, Myra, Sarah--- you are some of my Covid heroes. Grateful to you for being on the front lines of addressing the complex needs our patients face."

-Melanie Thomas

"Jo Lynch"

"Thank you to the 1M Team for collaborating with UCC (Urgent Care) and helping see our non-respiratory patients Monday to Saturday in order for our clinic to manage the respiratory patient surge through this covid crisis. Your teamwork has been essential to our success and an amazing display of collaboration! Thank you from the UCC team!!!"

"wilma flores she helps her co CNA and she always active as a team work"

"I would like to recognize Shami Engel ! She continues to advocate for the needs of PES (Psych. Emergency Services) RN's, and has courageously been our voice when needed to be heard!"

"Huge shout out to Ossie Gabriel! She goes above and beyond not only for our patient but also checks in with the well being of our staff."


"H66/68 staff has been incredible in responding to the pandemic. No one has ever said no to caring for a COVID patient since the very beginning. Everyone has been quick to jump on board, help when patients are declining, and have amazing cohesion. The nurses have been helping with trash, delivering meal trays, top of the line patient care, and other unspecified tasks. Under the collaborative leadership of Tanvi Bhakta, the H66/68 unit has not stopped in this fight! Huge Shout Out!"

"Thank you to the clinical lab staff! They are coming together to bring up multiple testing platforms for as many COVID-19 tests as possible as well as validating a serology test! Things are changing everyday and they are keeping up! Happy National Laboratory Professionals Week (April 19 - 25th)"

"To Selam Tekle Asmerom, RN on H54/56—For tirelessly and happily coordinating meal deliveries/donations to the entire hospital and for generally boosting morale wherever you go! You are doing the work of 10 people and doing it out of the goodness of your beautiful heart—never for recognition or even gratitude. You are a truly selfless person and a role model. We are so lucky to work with you and we all love you!!"

"I would like to acknowledge the entire emergency department family! This has been such a stressful time and having each of you work alongside me, seeing you each excel in your area of patient care, and seeing the passion you have for every patient has been the motivation I have needed to get through shifts."
-Cortlyn Brown

"Shout out to Amy H Lee, RN in adult urgent care clinic for helping us in our everyday needs in computer support , training new staff and for being you ! "

"The psych social work team and our colleagues across all disciplines (nursing, OT, MDs, etc.) are rocking it! It’s a real challenge nowadays to provide care to folks in a congregate setting. Thank you for your commitment to serving our patients — and to supporting each other! "

"Elaine Dekker has gone above and beyond looking out for front line staff and guiding them in new workflows around safe PPE practices. She makes herself approachable, available, and collaborative under intense circumstances. I want to recognize her leadership on the infection control team and her interdisciplinary partnerships allowing us to keep moving forward amongst the chaos."

-Dana Freiser

"Erika on H54/56 is a loved clerk because she works very hard! She is knowledgeable and patient with all of our requests!"

-H54/56 Nurses

"Jesus with the kitchen staff goes above and beyond for both patients and staff. We appreciate you!"

-H54/56 Nurses

"Kelly in D/C pharmacy works very hard! H 54/56 loves you!"



"Kudos to ZSFG telephone operators for graciously coming to work and doing their job to the best of their ability. They do not let short staffing and increased quantity of calls during this crisis inhibit them from providing excellent customer service. THANK YOU!"

-Verwina Roble

"Giselle Clark-Ibanez!! You are AMAZING!! Thank you for leading the EDCM team! You have reconfigured an entire program, rebuilding from the ground up while still maintaining the mission and vision of the program. You are client centered, focused on staff and client safety, and keep us grounded and laughing through it all. You model compassion, humility, and humanity for the rest of us. "

"Daphne Nguyen! Thank you for going above and beyond and for being such an amazing partner to work with."

Ambulatory Care would like to recognize last Saturday's AOD Melissa Pitts for being the ultimate professional and supportive colleague when she heard that Building 80/90 was short a screener for Saturday morning clinics and was able to find one from Building 5 to send over. Our patients at the FHC and other sites which were open had to wait less and we were able to provide more flu shots and other health services because of Melissa's swift and collegial response. 
Thank you, Melissa!
-Hali Hammer

Shout out to DANA NELSON for all of her hard work and front line leadership in Endoscopy and SPD! 

Thank you to CNAs Jeff R. and Maria K. for your quick thinking and bravery during a dangerous situation. Your selfless actions protected patient and staff safety. Thank you, you are true heroes!
-H62/64 staff

Much Appreciation and Thanks to the Team 1 Crew:  Luis Dejesus, Victor Ortega, Ronald Arias, and Jonathan Johnson!!  We love our clean space you did a fantastic job!  Thank you, Thank you!
-SFGH Hospital Operators

Heartfelt shoutout of gratitude to Alena Maunder for consistently supporting the Screening Depts with staffing from specialty clinics.  
Collaborating on staffing coverage and exploring new staffing models benefitting both clinics and screening depts has been a great partnership in shared ideas, supportive communication and successful implementation. Thank you Alena!!!
-Brigida and Aiyana

Chuck has been a member of our screening team since the beginning of the pandemic.  He created an all-star team in Building 80/90, helped to diffuse some difficult situations and created a safe place for staff and patients.  I want to thank him for his service and wish him well as he goes back to his regular job.  We will miss you!
-Aiyana Johnson

I wanted to appreciate the respect,kindness and patience all the staff and the nurses at the surge clinic lobby offer to all of our patients and their families that walk in everyday. 
They work tirelessly and always have the patient's best interest.
I am truly grateful for their service during this challenging time.

Neeti Doshi for putting together educational kits for 500 patients in CHC/6M! Thank you for your tireless efforts to support remote learning for patients and families. You are the best! And thank you to the many people who helped put together kits, write grants, and otherwise partner with Neeti to make this project happen!
-Maggie Gilbreth

Shout out to the team on 4A.  Everyone on that floor provides such loving dedication and care for their patients.  Big thanks to everyone on 4A for the incredible work they do!

Shout-out to Emily Wise, RN at The Birth Center, for always being so kind, helpful, hardworking, thoughtful, and a joy to work with. NOC shift is so lucky to have you and to get to work with you <3

Thank You to Antonette of EVS for exceptional work in getting our rooms ready. And for disinfecting our ICUs top to bottom (while on modified work). Thank You! 

A huge thanks to all the interpreters who have been working really hard behind the scenes. They have been an integral part to the care teams and helping patients feel safe and heard during these hard times. Especially the Spanish interpreters who have been helping the disproportionately affected Latinx population, the level of care they're receiving  is better because of you all! 

Shout out to the Chemistry and Microbiology department and all the other laboratory staff! For the unstoppable work they have been doing with COVID-19 testing! 

Happy sterile processing week.In honor of Sterile Processing Week, l want to thank all Sterile Processing professionals for their hard work and commitment to patient safety.
As a sterile processing professional - it's time to celebrate you and all you do. So i am sending a big "thank you" and a note of gratitude.
-Babak Bruce Sadreddin 

Big shout out to Charissa Suantawee, Laura Trupin, and Midori Niemi for helping ARG move from Laurel Heights to ZSFG! Your long days, thorough emails, and weekly check-ins on the move do not go unnoticed. We could not have done it without you all. Thank you so much!
-Mariel Junio Arthritis Research Group

I am so proud to work with such a dedicated, creative, and resilient group of healthcare professionals at Site 42.  What you are doing is nothing short of amazing.

Shout out to the Chemistry and Microbiology department and all the other laboratory staff! For the unstoppable work they have been doing with COVID-19 testing! 

Shout-out to the staff at the radiology department! You guys are always pleasant and doing the right thing for our patients. You're chill but on it!

"Shout-out to the amazing staff organizing the "DPH Must Divest" campaign! This urgently-needed campaign calls for funding people-centered services instead of the sheriff's department. I'm beyond grateful to have compassionate, courageous colleagues who are willing to stand up for our most vulnerable community members. In light of the racism and violence inherent to policing, our patients have the right to seek healthcare without fear of being dehumanized or abused! And, at the same time that DPH spends a huge budget on policing, we have many clients living in extreme poverty. A huge THANK YOU to the organizers for raising awareness of these urgent moral issues and fighting for human rights, justice, and safety for all!"

"I just wanted to acknowledge the wonderful job that the morning staff nurses (Claire & Chuck) are doing in building 80-90 for COVIDT checking. They greet us all with a great big smile and full of compassion. They are the ones that brighten up and start my day! Thank you both! GF"

"To Selam Batti and Liecel Rulete for working so ~hard~ behind the scenes in making sure that our Trauma patients are completely supported when they leave; whether they are going home, or going to a SNF."

-Alex McConnell-Hill

"Meg Miller RN from the Family Birth Center you are The Bomb! With your characteristic humility and charm, you have outfitted practically the entire staff in gorgeous, ever so hip, personalized scrub caps. Bless your creative self. We benefit from having you as our colleague in so many ways."

"I want to thank my team, Epic Security, Mike Warnock, Craig Chandler and our fearless manager, Jim Genevro, for being such amazing human beings. I was out on maternity leave right before the craze of Covid hit and it has been much more challenging returning from this leave than it has in the past. My team consists of the most empathetic, kind and helpful men and they keep me motivated and inspired to do (and strive to do) my best work. Shoutout to these great people at ZSFG/DPH and being able to work alongside them."

-Mariel Junio

"I would like to shout-out to Brent Andrew and his team for keeping us informed and up-to-date about Covid-19 and all the changes we see day to day on campus. It's a big job, and few know the intense coordination and work it takes to keep these posts and presentations going. I check every morning at 9:00 to see what's happening here at work. Because of your efforts, I feel safer and more well informed. Thank you!"

"Big shout out to all the chaplains who have been showing up in some incredible ways during this pandemic. We are so lucky to have them here on the weekends and in the evenings now. It's a world of difference for our patients."

"Shout out to EW Shari Carr. She’s always going above and beyond for our patient population. A very strong woman of color and the brains that come along with her. She’s a great co-worker and will always be remember even if some people never notice her and her hard work there a lots of people in this organization that do. Shari in my opinion should be running her own team in a clinic or running her own clinic with a team like her to match. There’s no doubt in my mind that if my family were to come to SFGH, Shari will make sure within her power that my family is taken care of. I’m sure I’m not the only person who has seen this about her. Round of applause and a big THANK YOU SHARI for all that you do, all that you are, and all that you continue to be in this huge organization. I’m blessed to say that I am one of the very many people that knows her. Thank You so much Shari Carr, you’re one of the best. I can’t wait to see you GO ALL THE WAY UP!!!"

"Want to give a shout out to PACU night shift staff who always helps do employee covid screenings!!! They are always willing to help!!!"

"I wanna give a shout out to the entire FHC team, Providers- attending and residents, Nurses, MEAs, Eligibility Workers, Behavioral Health Team, bldg. 80/90 entrance screeners, housekeeping, messengers, maintenance and Sheriffs/cadette for doing an amazing job in transitioning and organizing the Clinic to a complete different workflow since the pandemic and shelter in place in a matter of hrs . With many staffs being deployed since March, or sick, on leave and serving a big number of SF population, the clinic continues to provide care to the patients in need in flexible schedules. What an incredible job everyone did, you’re such a wonderful team."

"Nurse Beckie from Zone 76 and doctors are amazing!!! We are so grateful to the care you provided for our grandmother. Special thanks to Nurse Beckie, who has gone way beyond. May God bless each and everyone for the selfless work that you do."

-Kim F. Wong

"Shout-out to all our EVS staffs! We appreciates your hard work and never ending support. You are all important for all our patients as much as for all the staffs of this organization. Without your helping hands ZSFGH won't survive."

-Jinky Rajerison of Bed Control and Nursing Staffing Assistant

"A shout out to all of our coworkers in H24 NICU for their great work with the little ones, especially this week when they are celebrating Neonatal Nurse Week!"

"So thankful for the Addiction Care Team working to improve care for people with substance use disorders. A special shout out to ACT patient navigators Rachel and Mitch + HOUDINI LINK + ACT nurses for leading harm reduction efforts!"

"I like to give a Shout Out to Rosana Leon Epic Inpatient Manager. We miss you and hope you stay safe and come back better than ever."

-Mike Chen

"Shout Out to Julio for the great paint job!"

-Medicine and Cardiology Team

"I would like to give a shout out to Rosana Leon our Epic Inpatient Manager. Rosana is always quick to help any of us with areas that we might struggle and need guidance in. She has been there to help us with issues that need to escalating and aids us in getting resolutions that make all involved feel heard. She is one of the main reason I took this job here at DPH because to find the leadership style that she has is far and few between. She sees your potential, encourages you to work on the areas you may struggle in to over come them and helps you with some tools on how to do so. I am grateful for her Leadership and how she keeps us all together as a Team to see the bigger vision of what DPH has in mind for us in the Epic IT. DPH is lucky to have someone like Rosana Leon on their staff and we here on the Epic Inpatient Team feel grateful and fortune to have her as our Leader!"

-Teresa Hutchison-Thomas, ClinDoc Team

"Shout to Rosana Leon, Inpatient Applications Manager, for being one of the most supportive and accommodating supervisors in the Epic build team - especially during these trying times. The Inpatient team appreciates your guidance, mentoring, and especially your good-natured and loving personality."

-Marco Oliver Lopez

"Thank you to RFPC Ambulatory Chief Resident Saundra Nguyen for your calm, positive presence and enthusiasm for education, patient care and well-being - it is a joy to work with you!"

"Giving a shout out to Sorearthi the gentleman in charge of screening staff/visitors on Night shift. He has such positive energy/attitude when you walk in the lobby. He makes everyone laugh and feel comfortable. Great job on screening everyone!!!"

"To Bessa Makoni, NP, for flex-ing seamlessly with grace and generosity to support RFPC, Urgent Care AND patients with diabetes! You are a star! Thank you!"

"Shout out to the DIETARY and HOUSEKEEPING staff who still continue to do their jobs above and beyond. We are appreciative of their work during this pandemic."

"Shout-out to the ACT Team!! Thanks to all of the members of the team for working together to help out patients in their journey to quitting substance use. "

"Shout to urgent care & lobby staff & 6G the doctors and nurse their BAD u should have seen them jumping in to action am so impressed with there work ethic .. Money can't by experience like that, it's in Fiber of there Being I wish the top staff could have seen them running and get it done all together as one did not ask who what & why just got it done amazing .. AS REAL AS IT CAN GET'S S. F. G. H. "


"Great job by ED triage nurse and ED nursing staff Monday morning 8/31, admitting a very scared and unpredictable psychiatric patient safely and peacefully through the triage area. They showed expert teamwork and coordination in a really tough situation."

"Big shout out to the entire OTOP staff (Counselors, nurses, Np's Md"s administrative staff, lab technician, security officers ) who have been caring for our patients under incredibly challenging circumstances, even changing environment and with limited resources providing excellent care and services . The teamwork and quality of care are remarkable, and our patient outcomes demonstrate that. Keep up the good work!!"

"We thank the nurse manager of H66-68, the COVID Med Surg unit for her support and compassion to the nursing staff and other employees who work in her department. Under her leadership, there is respect and teamwork and the good results trickle all the way down to the benefit of their patients. Thank you!"

"I would like to give a shout out to my colleague Robin McBride, Heme-Onc PA-C. She is always willing to help her team. She does this with a positive attitude and a smile. Robin we appreciate all that you do on 4c!!!"

-Gabriela Toache-Guerrero

"We would like to thank awesome Alice He and awesome Alyssa Angeles at the SFGH Foundation! They were so kind and thoughtful in helping us figure out a way to support our patients despite some challenges due to COVID. Their efforts have significantly impacted our patients in such a meaningful way. Thank you Alice, Alyssa and SFGHF!"

-Giselle Clark-Ibanez, EDCM Program

"Thank you Saul,Rudy & team for keeping Urgent Care Clinic clean!"

-Adult Urgent Care

"Shout out to Dawn and Christian in the 3M clinic who work tirelessly on behalf of our patients. You guys are studs!"

-The Uro Team

"THANK YOU to all the Utilization Management staff who went above and beyond today, despite the 10 unexpected absences!!! Thanks for all your hard work! "

"to Maggie Gilbreth, MD, the Assoc Medical Director of Primary Care in 6M -- we don't say it enough, but your energy, fearless spirit, and ability to adapt to change over the last six months are so appreciated. THANK YOU for always thinking of our patients, families and providers -- we are so grateful to have you at our helm."

"I just wanna recognize the SFSD for all they do for us in the Emergency Department! On a day to day basis you continue to come to our aide and make our environment a safe one to work in and trust that your efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. We appreciate you!! Kinear, Lee, Mayo just to name a few and the many other cadets and sheriff’s :))"

-Tamika Vaughn



"Shout out to all the amazing mothers in Social Work and Care Coordination who are doing their best to ensure their own children are home-schooled, while also ensuring that patients are taken care of holistically. Wow I am impressed by you ladies every day and I applaud you!!! In these crazy times you somehow manage to do it all- SUPER WOMEN! <3 SM"

-Sonny Montoya, MSW

"Shout out to Nurse Manager Hasija Sisic for her tireless leadership and patient advocacy. You exemplify what it means to be a a nurse!"

"A Big Shout-Out to Eddy Cuevas in Field Services! Eddy's customer service is on point! He works tirelessly to get the job done, all while wearing a big smile. He is a huge asset to the IT department, as well as our organization. Eddy is pleasant to work with and always goes above and beyond."

"A Big "SHOUT-OUT" to Family Health Center/Pt Access' Shari Carr. Family Health Center & ZSFGH is fortunate to have you as an employee. You continue to excel in ALL that you do & really appreciate all of your efforts you continue to contribute to Family Health Center. You take on additional tasks that are at a management level with professionalism & they are accomplished every time. Thank you for brightening the world of Family Health Center & our patients. Here's to Shari. Supervisors must never forget to be an example like Shari. Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others and that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. Shari, you are the example of what a PT Access supervisor/manager should be. THANK YOU!"

"Shout out to all our PCA in 4A SNF and Rehabilitations especially to Rosahlie Mohler -PCA , who Is tirelessly giving daily oral care for all patients on NGT and Patients unable to care for themselves. Thank you!!!"

-Rosahlie Borgonia

"To the night shift nurses on H22/25. No matter the situation, you guys always make the best of a shift. Thank you for being a great team!"

"Welcome to Dorothy Carson, our new member of the Psych Family!!!"

-7B Inpatient Psych Unit Family

"Shout out to Daniela Brissett and Sarah Bourne for teaching us about the importance of voting and combatting voter suppression!"

"Big shout out to Rev. Keisuke Lee-Miyaki and Rev. Clair Bohman from our spiritual care department. Spiritual care is an essential part of the whole-person care we give at ZSFG. COVID-19 has been especially hard on the families of our patients in the ICU. Keisuke and Claire, along with our our other chaplains are tireless in their service to our patients, families and us. Thank you for blessing us with you ministry!"

-Lawrence Chyall RN

"Big shout out to the nursing staff of MICU and SICU who have been caring for our sickest COVID patients under incredibly challenging circumstances, in an ever changing environment, with limited resources. The teamwork and quality of care are nothing short of remarkable, and our patient outcomes demonstrate that. Keep up the good work!!"

"Thank you to the amazing landscape staff. Working through the pandemic! Creating some beautiful areas that staff can escape too. One of the hidden secrets of SFGH is how amazing some pockets of gardens are. Thank you!"

"Shout out to H66-68 for always trying to do their best to meet and exceed expectations placed upon them as a COVID Med Surg Unit. Everyday we are faced with new challenges and hurdles but the H66-68 Team always deliver the best solutions in the end. Thank you for the teamwork and for being problem solvers!"

"Deep gratitude to Shannon Mc Farland and the ICU team for the exceptional care they recently provided to the family of a patient who was passing away. There were many curveballs that could have ended up with more suffering in the face of an incredibly painful situation. Instead, Shannon caught each of these curveballs with grace and cradled the patient and family in care. It was evident how impactful this care was by the heart-full gratitude that was shared by the family members as they left the hospital. Many thanks to Shannon and everyone in the ICU who works so tirelessly and with such heart to support the patients and their families."

-Claire Bohman

"So much appreciation to Angelica Cardenas, Amie Fishman, Anh Thang Dao-Shah, and the Equity Council for leading us in the 21-day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge. I learned so much about myself and how I can take concrete steps to challenge racist actions, structures, and policies, and I am starting conversations at work and at home. Thanks for inspiring us to join in this crucial work!"

"It's not usually a good reason that you have to call a plumber. But here at SFGH we are so lucky to have Darnell Lawless on the facilities team. Darnell has such a great attitude despite all of the reasons that we need to call him. He tackles each issue with equanimity. Thanks Darnell for everything that you do."

"Thank you H42/44 PCAs for all your hard work and dedication! Your help is greatly appreciated!"

"Shout out to Elizabeth Socola, RN! Not only are you an amazing charge nurse to the birth center on noc shift but also you are always available and willing to help everyone out. The birth center staff and patients are so lucky to have you!"

"Tremendous Shout-Out to Hiki Lok who goes above and beyond registering and determining eligibility for our 6M Children's Health Center patients. Job Well Done!! "

"Happy One Year @ ZSFGH EPIC!!!!! Our appreciations to the entire IT, IT training & Informatics team for helping everyone with the EPIC roll-out!!! Our success was due to all your hard work and efforts! We appreciate all of you~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ZSFGH Urgent Care Clinic Team"

"Thank you to the main lobby staff for all of your hard work! The nursing staff appreciates your kind and professional approach when working with patients' family members during this difficult time. Thank you for all that you do!!"

"Shout out to Amanda Halpin, NP at RFPC. She has been so flexible and thoughtful in everything she does and has been critical to sustaining our clinic through this time! She shifts seamlessly from urgent care to inbasket coverage to caring for patients with excellence to supporting colleagues with handsewn caps. She has gone above and beyond to connect patients and their families with services when they receive a covid diagnosis. THANK YOU!!!!!!"

"Alissa Perrucci the clinic manager/ counselor at 6G has been an incredible advocate and colleague to partner with. Late Friday and over the weekend she was helping to coordinate the care of one of my patients. Truly stellar and went above and beyond."

-Daniela Brissett

"Shout-out to the early morning screeners ! You all are so cheerful and welcoming at 0545 it really starts my day... Thank you"


"Thank you to Tina Lee and the entire Metrics, Analytics and Data Integration (MADI) team whose work for SFDPH and the city is helping us better track, understand, and prepare for everything with our COVID-19 response! They are amazing!"

"Thank you to our amazing Cafeteria Workers! You give us new, wonderful, creative, and comforting foods and provide us with warm greetings every day! YAY for shrimp scampi, lamb curry, rosemary polenta, and fresh fruit!"

"FACILITIES!!!!!!!!!! ENGINEERING!!!!!!!!!!! Always there, especially for high priority needs."

"HUGE appreciation to Jeff Scarafia, the SFDPH Epic Program Director, who is celebrating his 1 year anniversary at SFDPH. His leadership, support, and commitment to our care teams and our population have helped us through the Epic go-live and stabilization and COVID-19 response."

"Ellen Laves. She is so patient and resourceful, and always willing to pitch in and talk through problems. She is an incredible leader and an amazing teacher."

"Wd 86 Hematology-Oncology & PHP out-patient clinic staff a great BIG Shot Out for all the caring, giving, love and compassion you continue to give all our patients, day in and day out. Someone should make a huge heart dedicated to you! Thank you all for all that you do!"

-G. Fisher

"Biftu Mengesha MD, you are a kind, compassionate, respectfully listening Medical Director for all our Family Birth Center. You have brought us through Epic and now COVID, and somehow stayed positive, composed, smiling, and full of care and respect for patients and everyone on the team. I hope you know how much it has meant for us to have such a true leader and advocate."

"For Meg Miller RN, at The Family Birth Center. Meg, our patient needed a place for her baby to sleep when she went home, and before I knew it, you had sent a bassinet to her home. This is one small example of your no nonsense way of loving and caring for our patients. Your heart is as big as a house. A big house. Thank you for being a most wonderful nurse and person."

"Thank you Zenobia and eligibility team for going over and beyond to help a patient who so urgently needed our care!"


"Sterile processing department, thank you, you guys are rockstars. "

-Bruce Sadreddin

"Asmara Gebre"

-Nicolas Derr-Reyes

"Thank you to Griselda Suarez from Ward 92 for all your hard work in getting through very complicated logistics to getting a patient the care they needed, including last minute covid testing. And thank you for always being so patient-centered!"

-Julie Kim

"Asmara Gebre is incredibly brave and persistent in her advocacy on behalf of our patients and against police brutality. She is an example to all of us and we are so lucky to have her."

"Wanted to recognoize Joy (Josephine Macaraig), our amazing UM for making life on FIS as smooth as possible! With our usual SW not in place, she has stepped in and helped kept any disruptions in our usual work flow from happening! An amazing member to have as part of the team! Thank you!"


"Thank you, again, Dr. Misa Perron-Burdick (OB/GYN) for your leadership and commitment behind the ZSFG patient pantry— we LOVE it in 6M and so appreciate the tangible items we can give to families. We can’t imagine not having it and our patients and families are beyond grateful. Thank you! "

-Pediatricians in 6M

"Shout out to Christine Struble, for working around the clock to help give the best nutrition care for our pts at ZSFGH and LHH during this difficult time! The clinical team so appreciates all your support and hard work. We praise Christine for her excellent leadership skills!"
-Clinical nutrition team

"Yesenia Rodriguez, MEA is always a positive force throughout 6M and has especially stood out in the ever evolving role of greeter for our department. Thanks for communicating so well with our families and us (staff) during this complex time."

-Elizabeth Gonzalez, RN

"Melissa from H42/44. I want to give her a shout out for always feeding the night crew with gourmet michelin star food!! Way to support all the covid front line workers on the 4th floor!!!"

"We’d like to shout out Medical Interpreter Pastrano, who has been an incredible medical interpreter for two of our amazing Cantonese-speaking patients. Her demeanor and interpreter etiquette created a space where we could break difficult news to patients seamlessly. Thank you!!!!"

-Medicine Team 3

"Shoutout to all NICU/H24 Nurses and Unit Clerks for doing a very good job during this pandemic challenge. Including our unit manger Shilu Ramchand and our nurse educator Liezl Uy for guiding us and educating us the proper procedure and policies always. Thank you and God Bless Us All."

"Shout out to all the staff in 6G (Women’s Option Center) who go above and beyond for their patients. You guys are an awesome team! Definitely a rare Gem!"

"Vincent, one of the RNs in 6M! He always has such a great attitude, is friendly and kind, and is super proactive in the care of his patients. It's always so great to see him in clinic!"

"We’d like to recognize Shino, Night shift AOD. She ALWAYS has our back, a smile on her face and a solid plan. She’s THE best and we appreciate her so much!!"

-Birth Center NOC Staff

"Thank you MARIEL, PCA on H42/44 for going above and beyond every day you are here. You are the absolute best, and we are so grateful for you and your hard work! We appreciate you!"

-42/44 Nurses

"EVS porter Apollo Gerona at Bldg 25 main lobby is doing a phenomenal job!! ❤️ He proactively makes sure trash bins are cleared, as well as screening plexiglasses and floors are clean. His hard work is greatly appreciated!"

"I want to recognize all the work the RESPIRATORY CARE DEPARTMENT has done pre pandemic, during the COVID-19 pandemic, and what great work they always will be doing here at ZSFG. We are lucky to have such great Respiratory Therapist!!"

"I want to recognize all the work the RESPIRATORY CARE DEPARTMENT has done pre pandemic, during the COVID-19 pandemic, and what great work they always will be doing here at ZSFG. We are lucky to have such great Respiratory Therapist!!"

"Jason Talbott and Mark Wilson have made tremendous efforts for residents in the Radiology department. They are true advocates for residents, approachable, and helpful. Through difficult times, they have been steadfast in their leadership and continue to be tremendous colleagues and physicians."

"I appreciate all the 1708 Operators who are here working under this stressful time and they are going strong. As with everyone else we are short staffed but the team rallies together and we get the job done. Catresu Blueford, Olivia Bura, Alicia Burks, Sonja Clark, Linda Fields, Obaid Gardizy, Riquetta Guillory, Wilma Kereti, Dio Lazo, Marrieta Nicolas, Felicia Pena, Jessica Rosales, Clara Stevenson, Tracey Williams and Loretta Wolff Claussen."

-Angela Calderon

"Patient navigators: Sandra Flores, Mitch Aman, Twinisha Doyle for working so well together to help patient complete Ward 93 intake and get medication situated for shelter in place/ISO on a Friday. "

-"Alexandra Haas, MFT, Director, HOUDINI Link"

"Thank you to the screening team leaders: Tom Holton, Brigida Hoffman and Chuck Lamb for continuously improving the process and for a successful move to Building 25."

-Aiyana Johnson

"I want to give a shout-out to my fellow colleagues and the management team at SFGH Urgent care. They have worked tirelessly to keep the pace moving during this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic Words alone cannot express how grateful and proud I am for their great efforts. I appreciate you all for your selfless service. Continue to be safe all."

-Anna Awambu

"Thank you to Kate McClude and the nurses and doctors in 36ICU who worked tirelessly overnight on 6/11/20 to compassionately and diligently provide comfort to grieving parents after a tragic accident. Your kindness and heart helped them more than words can express. Thank you!"

"I'd like to shout out an appreciation to the team who is making our policies around Covid19. They are adopting changes constantly, based on the most current information, to keep us all safe. It's not an easy job. I want to say thanks because the ZSFG policies allow me to come to work each day and feel protected. Thank you!"

"Giving a shout-out to Evelin Trejo, CRC of Hematology-Oncology Research group! For continuing to work with patients one on one through these difficult times. Thank you Evelin!"

-Gloria Fisher

"John Hay, Environmental Service John is always committed and available for staff and pt. needs. He works nonstop, is always very pleasant and professional and he goes above and beyond every day! He is very hard working and it's a pleasure to work with him!"

-Rachel Abdel, RN

"Adrien Barbas has been EXCEPTIONAL as COVID NP for the whole hospital. They have had to juggle a million tasks while creating new systems of care and communication. They have consistently gone above and beyond when helping our OB patients with COVID, and I know they have been going above and beyond throughout the hospital. Thank you Adrien!"

-Deborah Cohan

"I would like to give a Shout-out to: Felicia Primm, Robin Lockhart, and Sarah Llew who are helping and handling the EVS office department. They are doing an outstanding job handling Epic and heavy dispatching on the phone. Kudos to Felicia, Sarah, and Robin!!!"

-Francisco R Saenz

"Thank you to Walter from EVS for being so thorough and kind when cleaning various areas in the hospital. Your hard work is much appreciated!"

"Shout out to Tanvi, Nurse Manager for H66/68. Throughout the pandemic she has ensured our patients get the best care possible, especially our Latinx population who have been disproportionately impacted. Tanvi and the entire H66/68 staff are shining stars of our organization!!! Thank you for your dedication."

"To Andrea Pfeffer, Biftu Mengesha, Margy Hutchison, and Misa Perron-Burdick for your superb coordination and care of our perinatal patients experiencing Covid-19 themselves or in their families. Your clear, comprehensive patient centered care and written plans help all of us give the very best care. Often, in situations like this pandemic, communication and planning can get confused or important issues fall through the cracks. Not so with your fabulous combined inpatient and outpatient communication. Thank you for your tremendous, often unseen, hard work and dedication to the best for our pregnant people."

- Holly Cost, Midwife

"Shout-out to Facilities, IT, Sheriff's, EVS and all the testing personnel who have facilitated the multiple tent moves and daily support at our Testing Plaza. "

-Terry Saltz

"Sam Hoffman & the entire Materials Management department. Thank you for an amazing & tireless effort to keep our needed supplies available!"

-Tom Taylor

"Thank you to clinical laboratory staff for working together as a team to ensure timely COVID testing for all patients and staff. "

"Shout out to Rosana Leon, Epic inpatient applications manager, for always staying upbeat and for cultivating a culture of gratitude within her team - we are lucky to have a job despite this trying times."

"Shout out to Nykole Baltazar and the Volunteers who provided donated cloth masks to PES. Many of our patients have very limited resources and didn't have a way to cover their face in the community. They are very appreciative of the masks!"

-Andrea Chon

"Gratitude beyond words to Kira Inglis in death registry. Distraught by his death, the complexity of arranging an autopsy, magnified the family’s anguish. Your timely, professional, caring approach to meet the needs of family and providers, will be the difference in how they grieve and heal. Thank you, Jeff "

-Jeff Critchfield

"Want to Thank Apollo for taking care of the outside Patient Tent, making sure it is always cleaned and up and ready for the patients to get tested. Constantly checking in on the tent and its needs during the day! OR/Tent Staff appreciates your hard work =)"

"Thank you Mariel for always working tirelessly and really going above and beyond! You're a supporting some of our most vulnerable patients, you have incredible PATIENCE! "

-Lisa, OT

"To all my amazing Peers, Nurses, Social workers, Eligibility staff, Housekeeping staff and the Sheriff's department at the Adult Urgent care who have worked with nothing but diligence and compassion through the past many months, Thank you so much for giving selflessly! you all inspire me daily with the kindness that you show our patients. Big thanks to our leadership for making all of this possible. #choosetobegreat "


"Shout out to SFGH Foundation 4 thinking about us, we all appreciate the goodies. haven't heard so much laughter in the air in while felt good, seeing that we've been under so much stress lately. Also want to thank Michael head of kitchen and his staff u all did great job appreciate u all ..... thank again."
-Cherie J

"Shout out to David Fleming!! Educator of Pre and Post Op! Thank you for your hard work and years of dedication! You have made an impact!! Right!!"

"Sending the HIGHEST appreciation to the Psychiatric Occupational Therapists for their AMAZING dedication to patients in psychiatry and for their support of each other, especially during this extra stressful time. They continue to EMPOWER patients through teaching life skills, and providing education that anyone with a mental illness can lead a meaningful life. They are experts on helping patients practice using tools to improve well-being, and at providing KINDNESS, COMPASSION, and a FOCUS on STRENGTHS which are no doubt, antidotes to stigma and shame. I'm proud to work and walk along side this wonderful group of human beings! "

"Our screeners are fantastic! They see so many people per day, and they stay friendly, positive, and patient! "


"Shout out to the Biomedical Engineering Department. They play a vital role in medical advances and innovations that improve our health and save lives. Thank you for your dedication to patient care. "

-Eunice Santiago

"I'd like to give a shout out to Philip Anih, Devante Brown, and the whole Linen and Laundry Team for assisting with a special project! Your quick answers and willingness to help has been crucial for a successful launch."

"Shout out to the Epic build team for making sure that COVID-19 related items / fields in our EHR is up-to-date!"

"Thank you to Jenn, Floyd, and Diane- our INCREDIBLE palliative care team!! You truly are amazing. We are all so fortunate to have your support every day."

"It was strange walking into the outpatient door of building 5 on that first day of screening for covid 19. Claudia Pereira was the first RN to greet me. I was scared and uncertain what to do. Claudia introduced herself and she knew just what to say to help me through this. I appreciate Claudia's professionalism and compassion. Shout Out to Claudia!"


"Shout out to Brandi !!, In patient experience thanks 4 taking care of us, behind the scenes.. I see u, moving silently make it happen procuring donation after donation, thanks 4 all u do .. "

-Cherie J


"Shout out to all the staff, charge nurses and to our nurse manager Ethel on H62/H64. Our patients are always safe and taken care of because of our great teamwork!"


"Misa Perron-Burdick and Rachel Levy for managing donations for multiple sites, including the families whose kids are seen in 6M! It's so much work but our patients so appreciate it!!"

"Shout out to the nurses and LVNs and psych techs volunteering to work on H52, which is being used for psychiatric patients who are COVID positive. "

"So much thanks to our phenomenal medical interpreters particularly Carmen, Jose, Marigloria, Gina and Cyra (and others whose names I do not yet know) who have helped me with many many telephone visits. Their skill and compassion help me connect to our Spanish speaking patients even through language barriers. I know they are working very hard particularly these days to help us all stay connected with the patients we serve. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

-Sara Sullivan

"Thank you to all the medical students who are going above and beyond to staff the tablet team and coordinate video visits between patients and their loved ones! Your visits are bringing so much joy to patients and have such a healing effect!"

"Shout out to our amazing Health Educator Cecilia Vieyra for her hard work and dedication in arranging 5M pantry donations. Coordinating the distribution and home delivery of essential baby needs and supplies to our pregnant patients. We are so lucky to have you as part of 5M team!"

"These days I have been feeling overwhelming gratitude for FNS. In the midst of all the COVID work, it’s been hard to stay on top of my own nutrition. I’m so grateful for all the healthcare heroes working in Food and Nutrition. I feel so cared for when I eat lunch from the cafeteria. Shout out for the work of everyone in FBS and for the nourishment they bring to us all."

"Shout-out to all IT staff. Working from home & working on a laptop if you don't have the experience can be very challenging. IT is always ready to assist, in making this a smooth transition. I appreciate each and every one of you"

"To Biftu Mingesha and Rebecca Jackson for your leadership, kindness, vision, and grit as you balance the needs of the care team, our patients, and the collective resources, all the while vigilant of the inequities that are exacerbated in this time of crisis. Thank you!"

"Thank you for all FNS staff so much for providing extra TLC to all our patients! Not only with great daily services, but also with many thoughtful actions like adding a special note and a dessert to patients’ trays on their birthday, giving nice surprises when delivering trays on holidays like Mother’s Day, and always listening to suggestions from patients and providing excellent services while accommodating patients with their therapeutic diets!! "

-Eun Sun, activity coordinator at 4A

"FROYLAN ARAO he is a PCA?CNA at ICU and he always work hard, He always work team work.. and he go to H46&48 too to help "

"A big THANK YOU to all the patient screeners. You've been there from the get-go and we appreciate you!!!!!"

"Nursing is an art; and if it is to be made an art, It requires as exclusive a devotion, as hard a preparation, as any painter's or sculptor's work... It is one of the Fine Arts-The finest of the Fine Arts. -Florence Nightingale In deep respect and acknowledgement of our nursing colleagues who light the path for the patients entrusted to them, not only in this time of pandemic, but every day. You exemplify the finest of compassion and caring along with respect for science. You make a difference. Happy Nurses Week!!!"

"Huge thank you to Sam, Joe and the materials team! We could not get through this without you"

"Thank you to our amazing Ward 17 and Acute Dialysis staff for their tireless work and commitment in providing individualized care for our dialysis patients during this challenging time. We cannot say enough to appreciate your resolve and dedication to serving; you inspire us every day! "

-Nephrology Faculty

"I want to give a salute to all of the nurses in the department of care coordination during this national nurses week and all year long. I really appreciate all that they do and deal with daily. It's an honor to work with each and every one of them. I thank all of you for what you do."

-Donald Matthews

"Our GI endoscopy nurses are absolutely the BEST! They go above and beyond to provide our patients the best care possible. Appreciate you all so much!"

-Shreya Patel


"Shout out to the Care Coordination Department (social workers and utilization management): They do so much behind the scenes work getting patients safely home. "

-Amina Durrani

"I'd like to shout out to Greg Chase and the Facilities Department! From constructing Plexiglas sneeze guards, to wiring up the testing tents, to keeping our grounds clean and safe... thank to all the engineers, carpenters, painters, locksmiths, groundskeepers, plumbers, electricians and everyone in Facilities who keep our hospital running 24/7 and stepped up to meet our rapidly changing demands during this crisis with dedication and creativity! Bravo!"

"Enormous gratitude to Brooks Bigart in DOM for arranging for hundreds of meals week after week for our frontline staff. Thank you for feeding bellies and nourishing spirits during these challenging times! "

"Sterile processing team,Thank you for all you hard work."

-Babak Bruce sadreddin 

"To ALL of WORKING EMPLOYEES at ZSFGH that remain showing up for the unknown, YOU ALL ROCK!! All respect and gratitude to you all and especially to an even more special department to me personally, the DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY, A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone working day in and out. Thank you to DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY for all that you do and continue to do!! "

"Jesse Ristau and Nicky Mehtani (addiction medicine fellows) for providing top notch, compassionate, lifesaving addiction care to ppl experiencing homelessness and quarantining in hotels. Total rockstars and innovators."

"Jadine Cehand and Michael Silva"

"To Dr. Lisa Murphy -- thank you for all your efforts in leading the endocrine division during this unprecedented time, in particular with coming back from what was supposed to be a sabbatical leave!"

"Shout out to the OTOP staff at ZSFGH who continue to put great effort in caring for all our patients day by day. They walk the extra mile for our patients on the weekdays AND even on the weekends when they should be with their families. You are all amazing!"

"I would like to celebrate all the nurses in the hospital for the commitment and dedication to our patients. BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!"

-Gracia Social Worker

"Thank you to Child and Adolescent Services for your continued dedication to your clients and their families! Keep up the great work!! "


"To all charge nurses who work so hard every shift you guys rock!! "

"Shout out to the SFGH environmental services staff who an integral and essential members in patient care. Your work makes all patient care possible!"

-Crister Brady

"Thank you to all the staff in H76/H78 for keeping our elderly patients safe during this pandemic."

-Edith Hammond, RN

"Thank you to Laboratory Support for providing viral transport swab to fight covid19. You guys are the best. We love you!"

"Dr. Rebecca Jackson"

"A huge Thanks to Loretta Johnson in Radiology for her energetic effort in taming the Covid19 madness with all its changes to workflow and staffing. She has pushed forward improvements on all shifts (weekends and nights especially) to better prepare the Imaging department to deal with this challenge. She's awesome! "

-RJ Merck

"Virtual high-five to the amazing 4M Eye Team! You are super heroes!"

-Sharon Martinez

"A shout out to all the social workers here at SFGH who work 110%, special love to Pathima, and Gracia my two faves!"

-Natalie H54/56

"Walking thru out the Covid ICU unit could be a humbling experience. I give a big shout out to all the nurses within that unit for their empathy, compassion, dedication, courage, conviction, patience, perseverance, gentle nature, strength, the ability to support one another and so much more! "


"Thank you, Occ Health!!! For several days, I was a PUI and had to get tested. From the initial call to the final "you're cleared" call, every Occ Health staff member was professional, helpful, efficient, and caring. They made all the difference during that scary time. "

"Net Bernardo in H54/56 is a leader and great team member. As a seasoned charge she ensures that all staff feel supported and are informed. She is fair and present when called for help. It’s refreshing to have someone like her at work especially at a time like this when confidence becomes shakey. Thank you Net for your support and presence. "

"Thank you to "Tiffany" the Pulmonary Tech who was very kind and genuine."

-A ZSFG Patient in H62/64

"Thank you to the Diet Office staff who took time to call me about my menu options. Great work guys! I always enjoy my visits at ZSFG. Thank you all!"

-A ZSFG Patient in H62/64

"To the Nursing Staff in H62/64, specifically "Keegan" who was warm and thoughtful and "Susanna" who impressed me with your professionalism and warm personality."

-A ZSFG Patient

"A huge shout out to Dr. Alicia Fernandez and the LCOE team for engaging our Spanish-speaking community with information - flyers, webinars, Facebook Live, radio and TV. Keeping our communities informed and safe is paramount as we strive to flatten this curve."

"Shout-out to Hasija Sisic for always being top of things, friendly and calm in the eye of the storm! "

"Joyce on H54/H56 thank you for always being willing to run errands and help us nurses!"


"I want to thank ALL of the Environmental care staff for keeping our hospital safe and clean. You are truly essential team members and we appreciate you so much!"

"I would like to acknowledge the entire sterile processing department .This has been such a stressful time and having each of you at work is a blessing. Thanks for all your hard work and full support and service to operating rooms. I hope operating department see and acknowledge us in these hard times and beyond. Thank you all. GO SPD"

-Babak Bruce Sadreddin


"I want to give a HUGE shout out to the Covid Intubation TEAM - I recently ran into a member of the team in the locker room. She said that many of the team members actually volunteer to be on the team to keep their process streamlined and consistent. Thank you so much for all you do! "

"I shout out for Rene Caragdag, he is a PCA/CNA he is hard working, he always do Team Work, and always asking you or the other if you need help he helps a lot if hes not busy...."


"I'd like to give a shoutout to all the staff working as screeners. You are all so pleasant, patient and friendly despite having to ask the same questions over and over again! Thank you for helping to keep the rest of us safe!"

-Liseli Mulala Discharge Counseling Pharmacist

"To Selam Tekle Asmerom, RN on H54/56—For tirelessly and happily coordinating meal deliveries/donations to the entire hospital and for generally boosting morale wherever you go! You are doing the work of 10 people and doing it out of the goodness of your beautiful heart—never for recognition or even gratitude. You are a truly selfless person and a role model. We are so lucky to work with you and we all love you!!"

"Thank you SFDPH Help Desk Staff!! and Thanks to those who volunteered to come in and help to keep us operational and functioning. You guys work hard, and we appreciate it!"

"Shout out to the Office of Patient Experience! When the call of duty horn was blown, OPEX came through like soldiers. Front line and center giving the ultimate customer service, support, and encouragement (Aiyana, Brandi, Colin, Jeff, Sojourn Chaplaincy, Volunteer Services and DET Staff) Honorable mentions for H25 front desk and greeter staff rock stars which include: Sandra, Olushade, Lao, and Jenny. Thank you for all the help, support, and hard work."

-Darien Lomeli (OPEX)

"I would love to give a shout-out to my amazing Patient Access team! I have seen so much agility and flexibility in this constantly changing and uncertain time. Thank you all for your dedication, spirits and positive energy. I could not be more proud to be a part of this outstanding team!"

-Thomas Istvan, PFS

"Thank you Joseph Nauer for going beyond the call of duty to insure that all of us responding to this pandemic have the proper PPE material and providing daily deliveries to the screening staff to help and keep us as staff and patients all safe. Thank you for always being available to answer any questions or concerns while we all get through this together. Also thank you to the CPD staff for providing 24/7 assistance and in helping us fight Covid-19. "

"Joseph (Joe) Clement for all the extra work he's taking on! Always a rockstar and supports so many of us."


"I would like to recognize our CEO Dr Susan Ehrlich for Exceptional Leadership. This has been a hard time for all of us. She has communicated with us from day 1 and has been there for us through the difficult times with encouragement and guidance. Thank you so much for your exceptional leadership and for making SFGH a great place to work."

-Jeff Cox 3M

"To Tania G , MEA & Margaret C., LVN for helping adult urgent care clinic arrange food for our UCC frontline workers with the food program company "

"To Merjo Roca , adult urgent care clinic manager for an outstanding job managing nursing staff and provider needs since she started with our clinic "

-Adult Urgent Care Team

"Cindy Ngo - going above and beyond with food donations for staff all over the hospital! Thank you!"


"Aneita Panton - always taking care of the hardest patients with love, care and kindness. "

"A huge shout-out to ZSFG HIV-ID Ward 86 Clinicians! Your dedication during this public health crisis is remarkable and will be remembered!!"

"I want to recognize and express my gratitude for Sam Hoffman for his tireless, enduring work to help our hospital procure supplies. He is working constantly behind the scenes to get us PPE to make us safe. Thank you Sam!"

"I'd like to thanks Terry Saltz and his Facilities team for going above and beyond for this organization. Many thanks for all you do!"

"OTOP (Opiate Treatment Outpatient Program) staff Thank you all for doing excellent work""OTOP (Opiate Treatment Outpatient Program) staff Thank you all for doing excellent work"

-Hasija Sisic

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